26 Replies to Announcing TransMail: Transactional Email Service by Zoho Mail

    1. Hi Catherine, TransMail is specifically and exclusively for sending transactional emails from your website or application to your users. Zoho Mail on the other hand is used to send business emails by employees of an organization. Hope this helps clarify the distinction.

  1. Is transmail what currently powers zoho books emails? Because those are less deliverable than zoho mail, although that might because we need to tweak some settings. Too many mail servers to deal with for the same domain.

    1. Yes, Jason. Zoho Books transactional emails are powered by TransMail. Tweaking your settings should help. You can always reach out to us at support(at)transmail(dot)com for further help.

  2. we are already using zoho mail under workplace plan which recently upgraded to Zoho One. is the transmail is the same zoho email or this different product.

    1. Hi Sachin, Yes, TransMail is a separate product that is explicitly for sending transactional emails like order confirmations, invoices, account updates to your customers. TransMail is not a part of Zoho One so you can sign up to TransMail here.

  3. I was using the BETA transmail. But there were a lot of problems. I delete all ZOHO accounts. Now I am trying to create a TRANSMAIL account, and when I place my domain, it says that it is already being used. But I had already removed my domain. I need urgent support.

    1. Hi, thank you for reaching out to us, Sandro. TransMail has come a long way from its Beta version. Please do try our platform and share your feedback. You can always reach out to support(at)transmail(dot)com if you need support with the setup. :)

    1. Hi, Ionel! TransMail is a separate product for sending transactional emails. It is not aimed at improving the deliverability of Zoho Mail. While Zoho Mail is used for business emails, sending a large number of automated emails violates the usage policy. This is where TransMail comes into the picture. Irrespective of which business email you use, you can employ TransMail to send automated transactional emails from your application or site. Hope this helps. :)

    1. Hi, Priyank. TransMail is not a part of the Zoho One suite since it might not be relevant to most Zoho One business. However, on signing up with TransMail, you get a free credit (10000 emails) to explore our platform.

    1. Hi Julien. TransMail is not a part of the Zoho One suite. Since TransMail is a product that is mostly application developers focused, it’s not expected to be relevant to most Zoho One businesses.

    1. Hi Gorav, Unlike Amazon SES, we at TransMail only allow transactional emails to be sent from our service. By eliminating marketing emails that could be marked as spam, we are able to build a better sender reputation with ESPs ensuring fast and reliable delivery of your emails. TransMail also lets you monitor recipient activity like opens, clicks and bounces with ease. You will not have to setup a separate service to track your emails. You can even use a custom domain for email tracking and use webhooks for instant notifications. All these features and a pay-as-you-go pricing plan allows us to provide a user-friendly service at an affordable cost. Do try TransMail for your business and let us know your feedback!

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