Embed forms on your website

Effortlessly integrate forms into your website with Zoho Forms' embeddable solutions. Streamline data collection and enhance user engagement by embedding customizable forms directly into your digital platforms.

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Form embedding options

Embed forms on your website seamlessly using multiple options including iframe, JavaScript, Hyperlink, and HTML/CSS embedding methods. Choose the method that best fits your website's design and functionality requirements to ensure a smooth user experience.

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Lightbox popup forms

Capture attention and encourage form submissions with lightbox popup forms. Display forms as unobtrusive popups on your website, enhancing user interaction without disrupting the browsing experience. Learn how to embed lightbox forms in webpages.

Embedding a form on website builders

Don't want to build your own website from scratch to embed forms? We've still got you covered! Easily embed forms into website builders like Zoho Sites and WordPress. Integrate forms seamlessly into your website builder's design to collect valuable data from visitors and streamline your workflow.

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Email campaigns integration

Distribute forms to multiple mailing lists effortlessly using Zoho Campaigns and Mailchimp integrations. Maximize your marketing and outreach efforts by embedding forms directly into your email campaigns and reaching a wider audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an embeddable form? 

Embeddable forms are fillable digital forms that can be embedded in a website. It allows users to input data or submit information directly from the webpage without redirecting to another site or platform. Embeddable forms are commonly used for customer surveys, event registrations, email sign-ups and more.

Can you embed a fillable form in an email? 

Fillable forms cannot be directly embedded into emails due to technical limitations. However, you can create a fillable form using Zoho Forms and include a hyperlink or button in your email that directs recipients to the web-based form for completion.

How do I embed a form in an email? 

To embed a form in an email using Zoho Forms, generate the form's hyperlink using the Embed option. Then, insert the hyperlink in the email body using the email HTML editor. Recipients can click the hyperlink to access the form directly from the email.

Can Zoho Forms be embedded into an HTML website for free? 

Zoho Forms offers a free HTML form embed option that allows you to easily copy code and integrate forms into HTML websites, providing a smoothuser experience without additional costs. Learn how to embed a form using HTML.

Elevate your digital presence with Zoho Forms' embeddable forms

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