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A customer intake form can significantly boost the efficiency of your overall intake process. Zoho Forms provides a variety of features and design options, so you can create digital intake forms in just a few clicks.

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Create paperless intake forms

With online intake forms, your data is stored safely and neatly in the cloud. Eliminate the stress of collecting and managing endless paperwork, and offer patients and clients a contact-free way to share information.

Create online intake forms
Privacy and security of data with digital intake forms

Enhance privacy and security

Zoho Forms is HIPAA compliant, and employs a variety of security features, including field encryption and CAPTCHA. Together, these features make Zoho Forms an ideal choice for collecting sensitive information.

Measure analytics

Zoho Forms helps you gather insights from various tracking sources, like UTM, Facebook, Pixel, and Google Analytics. Get the quality information you need, presented with clear reports and metrics, so you know where to take action.

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Create engaging online intake forms with Zoho Forms

Create engaging forms

Customize your forms to make them more visually appealing. Break forms into clutter-free sections and pages to improve the form filling experience for your respondents. To create a particularly simple and streamlined form, try our Card Forms.

Trade queues for self-service

Use our mobile kiosk feature to make your client intake forms do all the hard work for you. With a kiosk, you can set up self-service counters, making the intake experience faster and simpler. Provide customers with a QR code so they can fill out your form from the device of their choice.

Turn business intake forms into mobile kiosks

Get started quickly with a template

Our exciting intake form templates provide you with a quick and hassle-free solution for creating intake forms. With our templates, you can save valuable time and effort by having a pre-designed structure and layout that can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need an intake form for clients, patients, customers, or any other purpose, our templates offer a convenient way to gather essential information efficiently. Streamline your intake process, improve data collection accuracy, and enhance overall productivity with our exciting intake form templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an intake form? 

An intake form is a document or form used to gather information about a person or entity, typically at the beginning of a professional or medical relationship. The purpose of an intake form is to collect essential information that can be used to evaluate and provide appropriate services to the individual.

Intake forms are commonly used in medical, mental health, legal, and social service settings, but they may also be used in other contexts, such as education or employment. The information collected by an intake form is typically kept confidential and used only for providing services to the respondent.

Why use a digital intake form?  

A digital intake form can be more convenient, efficient, accurate, and secure than a traditional, paper-based form. It can be completed online from any location. Digital forms can be processed faster and responses can be automatically entered into a database, ensuring accuracy and completeness. They can also be secured with encryption and password protection, minimizing the risk of sensitive information being accessed by unauthorized parties. Finally, digital forms reduce paper waste, making them environmentally friendly. Overall, using a digital intake form can help businesses streamline their intake processes and provide a better customer experience.

How do you create a client intake form for your business? 

To begin, consider the information you need to collect from clients to provide the best possible service. Once you have determined what information to gather, choose the format that works best for your business. Create a visually appealing design that is easy to navigate, and test the form to ensure that it is user-friendly and functional. Decide how you will collect and store data, and ensure that your intake form meets any privacy and security regulations that apply to your industry. Finally, integrate the form with your workflow to ensure that you receive the necessary information in a timely and organized manner. By following these steps, you can create an effective client intake form that helps streamline your onboarding process and provides better service to your clients.

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