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  • Share forms
  • Data & analytics
  • Customization
  • Automation
  • Payments
  • Mobile forms
  • Security

Form builder

A builder that combines simplicity and functionality to fit all your needs.


Drag-and-drop builder

Create dynamic forms without the hassle of coding, using our no-code form builder.


30+ field types

Ask the right questions, with over 30 field types designed to create engaging, interactive forms.


Field validations

Validate responses on live forms in real time.


Multi-page forms

Split a long form into multiple pages to make the process easier.


Save and resume

Let respondents save a partially completed form and finish it later.


Skip logic

Land respondents on the right question or page based on their previous answers.



Let respondents add multiple entries or line items to a single section using a subform.

success story

Raghav Somani CEO, Headphone Zone

"Our company needed a tool like Zoho Forms to help generate leads. Easy embedding of forms onto our website and seamless tracking using the Adwords integration made Zoho Forms the perfect fit for our business.


Confirmation and notifications

Send instant messages and redirect respondents to new pages upon submitting a form.



Redirect respondents to a success page, a web page, or another form after an entry is submitted.


Email notifications

Send instant updates via email to your respondents whenever they submit a form.


SMS notifications

Use SMS to notify your respondents when they complete a form.


Collaborate on Microsoft Teams

Send updates through Microsoft Teams channels and help teams collaborate on form data.

success story

Trey Diller Co-founder, Inspire Productions LLC

"The mobile apps are very quick and user-friendly. Everything is electronic. Zoho Forms is amazing for staying organized — from event organization to vendor management. Everyone's happy!"


Share forms

Share forms on multiple platforms and collect data with ease.


Share links

Share your form's permalink to let respondents access and submit entries.


Embed in webpages

Embed forms in your website using various easy embedding options.


Share within your organization

Share with a selected group of people or circulate forms among members of your organization.


Email campaigns

Distribute forms to a mailing list using Mailchimp or Zoho Campaigns.

success story

Conan Power Information Systems Analyst, Waterford City Council

"We've converted several paper-based processes from paper to online — all thanks to Zoho Forms! Most of our customers ask, "Can we do this online?" Zoho Forms was our answer to them."


Data and analytics

Collect, share, and analyze data on one versatile platform.


Table view

View collected data in a tabular column and consolidate it with custom filters.


Export reports

Export form submissions as CSV or ready-to-print PDF files.


Custom documents

Merge form responses to create custom documents.


PDF of form submissions

Convert every successful form submission into a downloadable PDF.



Analyze form performance with detailed analytics reports.


Tracking and goals

Use UTM tracking to track leads and measure goals using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.

success story

Shannon Marie Baker Owner, Alabama Church School

"We used to go back and forth, sending and signing paperwork. Now, enrollment is almost instantaneous. The signing process happens via an online enrollment form and the merged PDF is sent as an email—it's never been so simple!"


Customization and rebranding

Personalize your forms with robust customization and branding options.


Custom themes and CSS

Make your forms functional and beautiful with customizations and themes.


Custom domain

Use your company's domain/subdomain in your form's permalink URL.



Brand your forms with your company's colors, logo, and themes.


Responsive Forms

Work with forms that auto-adjust to different screen types and browsers.


Custom messages

Customize alert messages in a live form to guide respondents from start to finish.

success story

Aswini Srinivasan Co-founder, 80 Degrees East

"Zoho Forms makes collecting and managing data incredibly simple. It saves a lot of time and is worth every penny."


Automation and workflows

Automate multiple workflows quickly and easily.


Data routing

Send form data to your favorite apps instantly, using webhooks.



Efficiently automate workflows by routing form submissions to integrated apps.


Email workflow

Set up workflows to trigger emails when a form submission meets a set of conditions.


Approval workflow

Set up a multi-level approval system to process form submissions and automate subsequent workflows efficiently.


Task assignment

Assign form submissions to team members and simplify your daily tasks.

success story

Nanda Kishore Financial Analyst, Paradise Food Court

"Keeping Digital India in mind, Zoho Forms is playing a prominent role. It's an extraordinary concept that offers good service and a one-stop solution for any requirement."


Payment and order management

Create secure and efficient payment forms.


Payment gateways

Receive payments through your form, with secure payment gateways.


Calculation fields

Perform calculations using form data, and collect payments based on form inputs.


Confirmation emails

Notify yourself and the respondent with confirmation emails when new records are successfully submitted.


Invoice and receipts

Merge form responses to create invoices and receipts from form submissions.


Mobile forms

Access your forms on the go, with our simple and functional mobile app.


Work offline

Create forms and efficiently collect data offline using our mobile app.


Capture images

Capture photos using your phone's camera and upload them to your form.


Scan codes

Autofill form fields by scanning QR codes and barcodes with your phone.


Collect signatures

Use the mobile app to collect signatures on your forms.



Capture the coordinates where your form is being filled in, to autofill the address field.


Kiosk mode

Convert your mobile device into a standalone kiosk and collect data at events, using Zoho Forms.



Your privacy is important to us, and data security is our top priority.


SSL certification

Let respondents access forms through a secure connection.


GDPR compliance

Protect the personal data and privacy of form respondents.


Field encryption

Include an additional layer of protection by encrypting fields that contain sensitive data.



Add a CAPTCHA at the end of your form to avoid spam entries.


Form audit

Keep a running account of any changes made to your form.


Custom domain

Use your own custom domain name in your form's URL when sharing it with an audience.


DKIM authentication

Send emails from Zoho Forms using verified email domains to improve delivery rates.