Form automation & workflows

Automate multiple form workflows quickly and easily.

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Webhooks for quick data transfer

Send form data to any business app you use through Webhooks. Structure your data in the required Webhook format and receive it in your apps instantly when new submissions are made. 

Data Transfer

Integrate your online workspace

Get the most out of your data with useful integrations that help you boost productivity by automating several workflows.


Dynamic email workflows

Set up workflows to trigger emails when certain conditions are met in form submissions. Send emails containing attachments that are condition-based, such as responding to application form sub with either callbacks or rejection letters.

Email workflows Email workflows

Get your approvals in order

Set up hierarchical or multilevel approval workflows that allow your teammates and peers to review form submissions. Automate subsequent workflows based on these approvals and create an efficient system that works just for you—all with minimal effort!

Approvals order

Manage tasks as a team

Assign tasks to your team members to view and analyze form submissions together and split workloads. Set edit permissions to task owners, thereby allowing them to update specific fields.

Task Task