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A Form Maker is a unique and user-friendly tool designed to create, customize, and manage various types of forms. Create custom forms easily with our online form maker - the perfect tool for all your business needs.

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Build forms effortlessly with our online form maker

Create forms with ease using our form creator software that's designed to accommodate users with no coding experience. Add and personalize form fields according to your individual needs. Generate custom reports to view and analyze all your form submissions.

Pick from an array of fields

Collect data efficiently with the help of 30+ field types. Each field in the online form generator has customizable properties that make your forms unique. These fields are optimized to protect the privacy of your respondents and safeguard any sensitive information.

Form Builder Fields - Zoho Forms Payment Form Builder- Zoho Forms
Form Builder Subform - Zoho Forms Multiple Choice Form Builder - Zoho Forms

Online form creator with field validation

Urge respondents to avoid duplicates or repetitions in their responses in our online form maker. Our form maker's field validation clearly indicates fields that are marked as mandatory, such as name, terms and conditions, and more by pointing them out to respondents.

Generate forms with multiple pages

Simplify complex forms by sectioning them out as multiple pages. Structure forms in our online form builder software to contain relevant fields or questions on each page, and ensure that respondents are directed to pages with questions that pertain to them.

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Form Creator - Zoho Forms
Online Form Maker - Zoho Forms

Save your progress and resume later with our form generator!

Give your respondents the freedom with our forms creator to save partially filled forms and complete them at their convenience. Ensure that no data is lost, so form filling is an easy task instead of a tiresome one.

Resume Form Builder - Zoho Forms

Skip unnecessary steps with conditional logic

Redirect your respondents to the relevant question or page based on their answers. Set rules to hide irrelevant information in the form, and provide a customized form-filling experience for each respondent.

Conditional Logic Form Builder - Zoho Forms

Create repeating sections with one subform

Allow respondents to add multiple entries and line items within a single section. Use Zoho Forms online form builder to create smooth online ordering experience by applying values and formulas to elements on your subform, and ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Form Builder Subform - Zoho Forms

Online form builder with free templates

Our pre-designed templates are convenient, and time-saving. They eliminate the need to design forms from scratch, and allow quick customization using themes. This saves time, effort, and resources, enabling efficient form creation for all your business needs.

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  • Simplify the process of ordering products from your online store with the help of a well designed Online Order Form template.

    Online order form
  • Help your website visitors to sign up for a free trial of your product or service with this easily-to-fill Free Trial template.

    Free Trial Form
  • Keep a track of the attendees and volunteers of all charity and non-profit events using a simple and efficient Event Registration Form template.

    Event Registration Form
  • Collect leads' information when website visitors sign up for your mailing list using this Email Sign Up Form template.

    Email Sign Up Form
order form
event registration form
signup form

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Murali Krishnan  
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"We've converted several paper-based processes from paper to online — all thanks to Zoho Forms! Most of our customers ask, "Can we do this online?" Zoho Forms was our answer to them."

Conan Power, Information Systems Analyst, Waterford City Council

"Zoho Forms makes collecting and managing data incredibly simple. It saves a lot of time and is worth every penny."

Aswini Srinivasan Co-founder, 80 Degrees East

"We used to go back and forth, sending and signing paperwork. Now, enrollment is almost instantaneous. The signing process happens via an online enrollment form and the merged PDF is sent as an email—it's never been so simple!"

Shannon Marie Baker Owner, Alabama Church School

Grow your business online with our free form creator!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a form maker? 

A form maker is a versatile tool that simplifies the process of creating various types of online forms. It empowers users to build custom forms for surveys, registrations, applications, and more. With an efficient form maker like Zoho Forms, individuals or organizations can easily design, customize, and manage online forms to collect data and feedback from respondents efficiently.

Does Zoho Forms offer free form creator? 

Yes, you can create a free-form using Zoho Forms. Zoho Forms, an online form builder, offers a free plan that allows you to design and build online forms without any cost. With the free plan, you can create a variety of forms, including contact forms, surveys, registration forms, order forms, and more. You can customize your forms with different form fields, add logic and rules, and integrate them with other Zoho applications or third-party services. While the free plan has limitations on form submissions and storage, it provides a great starting point for creating and managing basic forms at no cost. Please visit our pricing page to browse our paid plans.

How can I create a new form with pre-fill feature?  

Collect repetitive data without asking your customers to fill multiple forms by leveraging Field Alias and Prefill features in Zoho Forms.

You can create a main form with all the fields required. Then, create additional forms using our form builder software with only the unique information or fields that need to be filled each time. Use Field Alias to provide alternate names to the fields that require to be prefilled. Configure the field alias. This Field Alias can be used to prefill fields in additional forms.

With the Prefill feature, you can use data from a previous form submission to prefill fields in subsequent forms. Use the field alias to set up prefill URLs. Then, when your customers need to fill out subsequent forms, you can prefill the fields with their previously submitted data, making it easier for them to complete the form without re-entering information.

How to make your forms interactive? 

Interactive forms provide a user-friendly approach rather than the feel of paperwork. This is essential for making the form filling experience smooth for your customers, resulting in more conversions. Here are some simple tips:

  • Ask questions instead of using generic field labels
  • Personalize field labels
  • Use a form description to connect with your respondents
  • Show them only what is relevant by hiding irrelevant fields
  • Showcase your brand and logo using Themes
  • Guide your respondents using custom messages
  • Share forms in the native language of your target audience
  • Acknowledge customers with email/SMS notifications

Read more how to create interactive forms using our form builder software.

How to create a form to collect data offline? 

Yes, Zoho Forms mobile app supports offline forms. Whether you are in a low-signal area or have no network coverage, you can still access some of forms' most important features. Build and edit your forms in offline mode and sync them when you are back online.

How to create a new form? 

To create online forms using Zoho Forms, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up or log in to your Zoho Forms account.
  • Step 2: Start with our free-form maker and upgrade when you need additional features.
  • Step 3: Click the Create Form button to start building your form.
  • Step 4: Choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates or create your own forms from scratch using the free online form builder.
  • Step 5: Enhance your form with advanced features , such as rules, payment integration, and notifications.
  • Step 6: Save and publish your form online.
  • Step 7: Share the form with your audience or embed it on your website to start collecting responses and data.

How secure is our free form maker? 

Zoho Forms offers a secure form maker with robust data protection measures. Your data is kept safe using industry-standard security practices and technologies. Zoho Forms provides SSL encryption, GDPR compliance, Field encryption, and much more, making it a trustworthy application for creating online forms and collecting sensitive information.