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Add-onBenefitPrice per Year
Additional Submissions10,000 submissions
Extra Storage5 GB
PDF Credits200 credits

* Add-ons are applicable only for paid plans

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Create powerful, customizable forms to collect data from anywhere.


Define roles and permissions for different users within your Zoho Forms account.


Track and manage all entries submitted through your forms.


Generate custom reports based on the data collected from submissions.


Store form uploads securely on Zoho's cloud-based servers.

Card Forms

Design forms with a card-style layout for a modern look and a better user experience.

CRM Forms

Integrate online forms directly with your Zoho CRM account.

Multi-Page Forms

Break down complex forms into multiple pages to simplify user experience.

Form Templates

Use pre-designed templates to quickly create new forms.

Default Themes

Apply built-in themes to your forms to enhance visual appeal.

Custom Themes

Create and apply custom themes to tailor the appearance of forms and uphold your brand identity.


Allow multiple users to collaborate on form creation and submission management.

Multilevel Form Approval

Set up a chain of approvers for form submissions requiring multiple levels of review and approvals.

Mobile Responsive Forms

Design forms that automatically adjust to the screen size of respondents' mobile devices.

Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Access and manage your forms using the native mobile apps available for both iOS and Android.

Tech Support

Receive assistance through email for any questions or problems encountered while using Zoho Forms.

Payment Integrations (Up to 10 payments in Free plan)Collect payments from form respondents via secure gateways.


Accept payments through PayPal directly on your forms.

PayPal Checkout

Utilize PayPal's checkout gateway to streamline payment process on your forms.


Allow form users to make payments using Stripe.

Stripe Checkout

Utilize Stripe's checkout gateway to streamline the payment process on your forms.


Enable payment processing through 2Checkout to accept multiple forms of payment worldwide.


Utilize Razorpay for handling payments on your forms.


Integrate Authorize.Net to provide a secure payment gateway on your forms.


Accept payments through PayTM, a popular payment method in India.


Use Instamojo to facilitate easy payments on your forms.


Integrate PayTabs to process payments on your forms.


Accept payments via Square to facilitate financial transactions on your forms.


Use Paystack for processing payments on your forms.

Privacy Features

HIPAA Compliance/ePHI

Ensure your forms meet HIPAA standards for handling personal health information.

Field Encryption

Encrypt sensitive form fields to protect confidential information.


Mark fields as personal to manage user data privacy more effectively.

Form SettingsAdjust form settings that define how the form functions and collects data.


General settings for form configuration such as text direction, Thank You Page, etc.

Display - Text Direction (RTL & LTR)

Choose text direction for your form: Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right.

Thank You Page & Redirection

Direct users to a custom Thank You page after submission or redirect them to another form.

Date & Time

Set date and time options for the form.

Field Alias - Prefill URL

Enable prefilling of form fields via URL parameters using aliases.

Form Availability

Schedule when forms are available for submission.

Respondent Location

Track the location of respondents (based on browser-level consent) who complete the form.

Email & Notifications

Configure and manage notifications sent to users and respondents.


Send automated email notifications of form submissions and updates.


Configure SMTP settings for sending authenticated emails to recipients.


Configure DKIM settings for sending authenticated emails to recipients.


Send instant SMS notifications of form submissions and updates.


Send instant WhatsApp notifications of form submissions and updates.


Customize the branding of your forms to match your organization's identity and style.

Custom Domain in Permalink URL

Use a custom domain in your form's permalink URLs.

Browser Tab

Customize the title and favicon of the browser tab displaying your form.

PDF & Document Merge

Generate PDFs of submissions and merge submitted data into other documents.

PDF Editor

Automatically create professional-looking PDF documents of form submissions.

Up to 50 PDFs
Up to 2000 PDFs
Up to 2000 PDFs
Up to 2000 PDFs
Up to 2000 PDFs
Document Merge

Auto-populate Zoho Writer documents with form submissions.

Submissions & Storage

Manage how submissions are stored and handled.

Edit Response

Enable users to edit their responses after submission.

Manage Form Attachments

Use cloud storage services (such as Zoho WorkDrive and Google Drive) to save files uploaded in forms.


Automatically move submissions to the trash based on your preferred time period.

Save & Resume

Allow users to save their progress and resume the form later.

Review Before Submission

Let users review their responses before final submission.

Translation & Messages

Customize the language and messages displayed on your forms.

Custom Messages

Set up personalized messages to display on forms.


Translate form content into multiple languages to appeal to international users.

Spam Control

Implement measures to prevent spam submissions.

Google reCAPTCHA v2
OTP Verification (SMS, Email, WhatsApp)

Verify user identity using OTPs sent via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

Double Opt-In

Ask respondents to confirm their response via email to complete the form submission process.


Use CAPTCHA tests to prevent automated bot submissions.

Mobile App

Create forms and collect data from anywhere using mobile devices—even without an internet connection.

Scan & Fill

Allow users to fill out forms by scanning physical entities.

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your mobile devices upon form submissions and updates.

Compliance & Audit

Ensure your form management processes comply with regulations and standards.


Implement HIPAA-compliant measures for handling protected healthcare information.

Record Audit

Maintain a detailed audit trail of all interactions with form records.


Make your forms accessible to users with disabilities.


Delegate form submission review tasks to your team members.


Set permissions to control who can view or edit forms.


Apply filters to manage which data is visible while viewing form submissions.


Form SharingEasily share forms across various channels.

Quick Share

Quickly share a public URL that anyone can access over the web.

Private Sharing

Allow forms to be shared privately with specific individuals or groups in your Zoho Forms account.

Shorten URL

Use shortened URLs for easier sharing and to save space on platforms with character limits.

Public Link

Share forms using a public URL that anyone can access over the web.

iFrame Source Code

Get the iFrame source code to embed your form on websites.

Form HTML Download

Download the HTML code of your form for custom usage.

Lightbox Pop-up

Create an impressive pop-up lightbox for your form on web pages.

QR Code

Generate a QR code for respondents to easily access your forms.


Share forms on Facebook to boost your presence on social media.


Share forms on X to enhance your visibility on social media.


Share forms on LinkedIn to promote your presence on social media.

Conditional RulesSet up rules that trigger actions in your forms based on user responses.

Field Rules

Implement rules that apply to your preferred fields based on user inputs.

Advanced Field Rules

Develop complex rules for form behavior to handle diverse conditions.

Form Rules

Define rules that influence the overall operation of your form based on certain conditions.

Advanced Form Rules

Develop complex rules for form behavior to handle diverse conditions.

Page Rules

Create rules that modify the behavior of form pages based on user interaction.

Advanced Page Rules

Develop complex rules for form behavior to handle diverse conditions.

Deny Submissions

Prevent form submission under certain conditions.


IntegrationsConnect your forms with various applications to reduce manual effort and enhance functionality.

Zoho CRM

Integrate your forms with Zoho CRM to manage customer data effectively.

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Link your forms with Bigin by Zoho CRM to handle customer data effectively.

Zoho SalesIQ

Utilize Zoho SalesIQ to improve customer interactions and provide real-time support on your website.

Zoho Desk

Integrate with Zoho Desk to manage customer support tickets generated via forms.

Zoho Campaigns

Automate adding contacts to the mailing lists in your Zoho Campaigns account.

Zoho Sheet

Export form data to Zoho Sheet for advanced data analysis and spreadsheet management.

Zoho Sign

Send prefilled Zoho Sign documents to your respondents to acquire their digital signatures.

Zoho Projects

Link your forms to Zoho Projects to manage project-related tasks and data.

Zoho Recruit

Integrate with Zoho Recruit to streamline the recruitment process using forms.

Zoho PageSense

Use Zoho PageSense to analyze form performance and user interaction.

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

Integrate with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud for managing IT service requests raised via forms.

Zoho Cliq

Automatically post a message in your Zoho Cliq channel whenever a new form entry is received.

Google Sheets

Push form data directly to Google Sheets for further analysis.

Microsoft Excel

Send form data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Google Calendar

Push entries as events in Google Calendar for better schedule management.

Outlook Calendar

Push entries as events in Outlook Calendar for better schedule management.


Link your forms with Salesforce to enhance customer relationship management.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate forms with Microsoft Teams to facilitate team discussions and workflows.


Use webhooks to automatically send form data to other web services.


Connect your forms with Zapier to automate workflows in online services using form data.


Connect your forms with Workload to automate workflows in online services using form data.

Zoho Marketing Automation

Integrate forms with Zoho Marketing Automation to streamline your marketing campaigns.

Zoho Flow

Utilize Zoho Flow to connect forms and push data to various applications.


Email CampaignsSend forms to your audience directly via email.

Zoho Campaigns

Distribute your form via email using Zoho Campaigns' mailing list.


Send forms to your audience using customized mailing lists in Mailchimp.

Managing EntriesManage and review entries submitted through your forms efficiently.

Report Scheduler

Set up automated report generation based on your specified schedule.

Password-protected File Export

Export your form data as password-protected files for added security.

Record Audit

Monitor and track changes to form records for audit purposes.

Export Form Audit Data

Export detailed audit logs related to form modifications and access.

Export Record Audit Data

Download comprehensive audit reports for individual record changes.

Trash Records

Discard unwanted form entries to maintain your database efficiently.

Task Assignment

Assign tasks to team members based on form submissions.

List View

Display form submissions in a list format for easy management.

Kanban View

Organize submissions in a Kanban board view to visualize submissions easily.

CSV Export

Export form data in CSV format for use in other applications and data management.

PDF Export

Generate PDFs of your form data for easy distribution and printing.


Apply filters to refine the data displayed in your reports.

Summary Layout

Choose a summary layout for displaying submissions effectively.

Freeze Pane

Keep certain parts of your data visible while scrolling through submissions.

Printable Entries List

Generate a printable list of all entries for physical record keeping.

Printable Entries Summary

Create summary reports in a printable format for easy reference.

TrackingUse various tracking tools to analyze traffic and interactions involving your forms.

Google Tag Manager

Integrate Google Tag Manager to streamline the management of tracking pixels on your forms.

UTM Tracking

Track marketing campaign effectiveness through UTM codes linked to your forms.

Google Adwords(GCLID)

Track conversions from Google Ads using GCLID with your forms.

Google Analytics - Goal Tracking

Monitor form submission goals using Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel - Event Tracking

Use Facebook Pixel to track specific events on your forms, like submissions or page views.

ReportsGenerate and customize reports to analyze data collected from your forms.

Private Sharing Link

Generate private links for sharing your reports with specific individuals or groups within your organization.

Report Approvals

Implement approval processes for reports to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Public Sharing Link

Create a link to share your reports publicly with unrestricted access.

iFrame Source Code

Use iFrame source code to embed your reports on websites.

HTML Button/Link to Embed Report

Provide an HTML link or button that allows others to embed your report.

Customizable Filters

Use filters to customize data views in reports.

Auto Filters

Automatically apply filters to data reports for efficiency.

Show/Hide Columns

Choose which columns to display or hide in your reports for customized views.

Kanban View

Use a Kanban layout for visual management of reports.

CSV Export

Export report data in CSV format for further processing.

PDF Export

Generate reports in PDF format for easy sharing and printing.

Form ManagementManage your forms efficiently.

Advanced Form Analytics

Access detailed analytics to deeply understand form usage and effectiveness.

Form Data Export

Export all data from a form for backup or analysis.

10 exports per month
20 exports per month
50 exports per month
75 exports per month
Export File Storage Info

Obtain detailed information about the storage used by your form files.

Form Ownership Management

Transfer the ownership of forms to other users in your organization.

Basic Form Analytics

Get basic analytics on form performance and user interactions.

Audit - Organization Level

Conduct audits at the organizational level to ensure compliance and record integrity.

Form Audit

Perform detailed audits of form usage and changes.

Form Duplication

Create a copy of an existing form to increase productivity and eliminate manual workload.

Form Enable/Disable

Toggle forms on or off to control their availability for submission.

Switch Form Type (Standard to Card and vice-versa)

Switch between different form types to suit different needs.

Copy Forms to Another Organization

Copy forms between different organizations within your network.

Form Fields

Basic Fields

Use basic field types like single line text, multiline text, and checkboxes in your forms.

Single Line

Allow users to enter a single line of text in the form.

Multi Line

Enable users to input multiple lines of text in a text area.


Include number fields for numeric data entry.


Add fields for decimal number entry.


Provide a dedicated field to collect names in your form.


Include an address field for collecting location details.


Offer this field to collect phone numbers in a preferred format.


Include an email field to collect accurate email addresses.


Allow users to select a date from a popup calendar.


Allow users to select a time from a popup box.


Collect date and time in a singular field for precision.

Decision Box

Insert a checkbox for simple yes/no questions.


Add dropdown menus for users to select from predefined options.


Include radio buttons for selecting one option from several choices.

Multiple Choice

Allow respondents to select multiple options from a list.


Provide checkboxes to allow respondents to pick their choices.


Include a field for users to enter website addresses accurately.


Offer a dedicated field for currency amounts, including symbol formatting.

File Upload

Allow users to upload files such as documents.

Image Upload

Enable image uploads directly through the form.

Audio/Video Upload

Allow users to upload audio or video files.


Add descriptive text or instructions within your forms to guide users.

Group Choices

Group related options together under a single question header.


Divide your form into sections to organize related fields together.

Page Break

Insert a page break to split your form into multiple pages for easier navigation.


Include a slider for visually appealing numerical data entry.


Add a rating scale, such as stars or hearts, to collect user evaluations.

Unique ID

Automatically generate a unique ID for each form submission.

Advanced Fields

Use advanced field options like payment fields, formulas, and subforms to enhance your forms.


Include a subform within your main form to collect related data.


Include payment options directly in your forms.

Zoho CRM

Add a Zoho CRM field to fetch and prefill form with data from Zoho CRM.


Use formula fields to perform calculations based on other fields in the form.

Matrix Choice

Add a matrix of choices for complex question structures.

Image Choices

Provide image-based selections to make your forms more interactive.


Include a signature field for users to digitally sign your forms.

Terms and Conditions

Embed terms and conditions that users must agree to before submitting the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I remove the "Powered by Zoho" footer in my form?

    This footer will be automatically removed once you upgrade your subscription to any of our paid plans.

  • Can I upgrade my subscription to a higher plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade to a higher plan from your current plan. To upgrade, log in to your Zoho Forms account, click on the Subscription link, and upgrade to the desired plan as per your requirements. Learn more

  • How do I renew my subscription?

    Your credit card will be automatically charged on the next renewal date unless explicitly informed by you. In case of cancellation due to any payment failure, login to your Zoho Forms account again and upgrade to your desired plan. Learn more

  • Can I add users to my Zoho Forms' organization?

    Yes, you can add users to your Zoho Forms organization if you are subscribed to the Standard plan or higher. If your organization has more than 100 users, contact for a customized plan.

  • For how long can I use the Free Plan?

    Zoho Forms' free plan is free forever. You can continue to use it as long as it meets your requirements. To know about all the features that come under our free plan, check our plan comparison page.

  • How do I increase the submission limit on my current plan?

    The limit on the number of submissions depends on the plan you are subscribed to in Zoho Forms. To increase the number of submissions allowed in your current plan, you can purchase a monthly or yearly submission addon by clicking the Subscription link.

  • How do I increase the storage space on my current plan?

    Your storage space limit depends on the plan you are subscribed to in Zoho Forms. To increase the storage space in your current plan, you can purchase a monthly or yearly storage addon by clicking the Subscription link.

  • How do I downgrade my account to a lower plan?

    To downgrade your plan, log in to your Zoho Forms account, click on the Subscription link, click Change Plan under Manage subscription, and downgrade to the desired plan as per your requirements. To cancel your subscription and move to the Free plan, click on the Downgrade button under the Free plan. Learn more