Divide and conquer with multi-page forms

While keeping your forms short and only collecting necessary information is the ideal way to build a form, sometimes there's too much ground to cover on one page. Zoho Forms helps you avoid tiring respondents by letting you simply section out and organize long, complicated forms into multiple pages.

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Section forms into pages

Divide a long form into multiple pages by inserting a page break where you want to create a split. Duplicate a page with all the questions and reuse them again in the same form with a quick shortcut, saving time and effort.


Multiple Page Form

Navigate with ease

Help respondents zip through your form with page navigation buttons and a status bar to view their progress. Seamless navigation and page numbers let respondents quickly refer to previous pages or jump ahead to scout later pages without getting confused.

Skip irrelevant questions

Set intelligent rules to skip unnecessary pages based on respondent answers to the preceding questions in your online form maker. Save respondents the pain of reading and filling out sections that are irrelevant to them.

Multi Page Form Builder

Customize your pages

Tailor the page navigation bar's appearance to your liking and add clear page titles and numbers for your respondents to follow. Change the navigation button's label, color, and shape to fit your theme while guiding respondents towards the finish line.