Simple data collection. Improved for efficiency.

  • Build mobile forms.

    Build and share forms on your smartphone, tablet, or the web. Complete your work anywhere with Zoho Forms.

  • Finish tasks with ease.

    Assign tasks to your team members, get instant updates and speed up collaboration between your departments.

  • Create unlimited reports.

    Create custom reports to filter your responses and share with users to edit, review, and collaborate on data.

  • Integrate your data.

    Help your team update CRM and support details without a hassle. Run campaigns and view data on spreadsheets.

  • Increase your responses.

    Publish your form's QR code instead of distributing printed forms. Allow more people to access your form and improve conversions.

  • Get immediate notifications.

    Get notifications on mobile or email for new submissions and updates. Be in the know, wherever you are.

Experience the power of mobile.