Manage form responses with Zoho Sheet

Forget the tedious process of manually exporting form responses. Autopopulate form submissions directly into spreadsheets in real time, using the Zoho Forms integration with Zoho Sheet!

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Zoho Sheet Integrations - Zoho Forms Zoho Forms Integration with Zoho Sheets Integrate Zoho Sheet with Zoho Forms

Collect data.

Collect organized lists of form responses in a new or pre-existing spreadsheet.

Zoho Sheet Spreadsheets collect form responses in spreadsheet Spreadsheet integration form spreadsheet integration

Share instantly.

Share Zoho Sheet spreadsheets containing form responses with your team.

Collect form submissions in spreadsheet push data to spreadsheet save form responses and data in spreadsheet

Get insights.

Collaborate with your team to compare and analyze entries and edit form responses in real time.

It doesn't just end there.

With the dynamic form-to-spreadsheet integration, you can create human resource directories, manage online admissions and applications, perform inventory audits, consolidate statistical reports, and do so much more.

Simplifying workflows? Here's how.

Filter responses.

Perform macro functions such as Hiding and Unhiding rows and columns to temporarily ignore irrelevant form data.

Analyze data.

Manipulate spreadsheets by analysing form data using formulas and conditional formatting.

Obtain results.

Extract useful information and statistics with data validation and cleaning to boost data mining and business intelligence.

Multiple responses. One spreadsheet.

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