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The Zoho Forms-Zoho Sheet integration allows you to store your form responses in Zoho Sheet and save form attachments and signatures in Zoho Docs.

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When you integrate your form with Zoho Sheet, your responses will be saved in Zoho Sheet as shown below. If you have attachment fields and signature fields in your form, you can also save them in Zoho Docs using this integration. ​

Note:  Entries from Subform will be pushed to Zoho Sheet and grouped under the Subform's name. File and image attachments from Subforms can also be pushed to Zoho Docs.


To set up Zoho Sheet integration:

  1. Click Zoho Sheet under the Integrations tab.
  2. Click the Integrate.
  3. Choose from one of these options.
  • New sheet - Creates a new spreadsheet. You can name it as you please.
  • Existing sheet - Choose an existing spreadsheet and your responses will be saved in a new worksheet in the existing sheet. The new worksheet will be named according to your form's name.

Once integrated, all form responses will be saved in both Zoho Forms and Zoho Sheet. As you add fields to your form, they will be automatically added in the spreadsheet as well.

Note: Data saved in Zoho Forms and Zoho Sheet are independent of one another. Editing the records in Zoho Forms will not alter the data in Zoho Sheet.

Save Attachments in Zoho Docs

You will also find an option to store all the file attachments and signatures collected using your form in Zoho Docs. Choose attachment fields to be saved in Zoho Docs and specify the folder name. All attachments will then be stored in the new folder every time respondents upload attachments to your form.

Note: You will be able to save all attachments in Zoho Docs only if your form is integrated with Zoho Sheet. 

To remove Zoho Sheet integration, click on the Remove integration button and confirm.

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