How-to Videos

Learn when and how to use different features in Zoho CRM

Scoring Rules

Prioritize your records based on Scoring Rules. They help you work on records that matter to you most and use your time wisely.

Conditional Layouts

Make the layouts dynamic using Conditional Layouts. This makes creating a record a clutter-free and less confusing experience.

Email templates

To save you from the manual copy and paste routine, build email templates and send personalized emails to multiple recipients


Make sales fun through gamification. Gamescope in Zoho CRM is designed to make sales more exciting for sales teams.

Validation Rules

Keep your CRM data clean by blocking the incompatible and irrelevant data even before it can enter the CRM.

Interlinking Modules

Establish database relationship with linking modules. This will help you keep track of how data in your CRM is interrelated.

Data Migration

Switching to Zoho CRM? Migrate your business data to the new system accurately with very minimal manual work.

Data Import

Import bulk records into various modules of Zoho CRM effortlessly.