Learn when and how to use different features in Zoho CRM


04:54 Rules

Assignment Rules


Use Assignment Rules to automate the lead distribution process for reps based on specific lead information.

09:35 Process

Approval Process


Automate the submission of records for approval. You can do so by specifying criteria based on which records will be sent for approval.

06:16 Rules

Scoring Rules


Prioritize your records based on Scoring Rules. They help you work on records that matter to you most and use your time wisely.

05:46 Rules

Validation Rules


Keep your CRM data clean by blocking the incompatible and irrelevant data even before it can enter the CRM.




Create an online replica of your offline business process and have it executed in a well-defined and systematic manner.


07:19 Layouts

Page Layouts


Create page layouts with new fields and sections to suit your requirements based on the type of business process carried out in your organization.

05:29 Layouts

Conditional Layouts


Make the layouts dynamic using Conditional Layouts. This makes creating a record a clutter-free and less confusing experience.

05:16 Modules

Interlinking Modules


Establish database relationship with linking modules. This will help you keep track of how data in your CRM is interrelated.




Associate multiple line items to a record using subforms. They are secondary forms or tables, which is part of a primary form in Zoho CRM.

06:19 templates

Email templates


To save you from the manual copy and paste routine, build email templates and send personalized emails to multiple recipients

Users and Control

08:31 and Roles

Profiles and Roles


Use Roles to set up your organization's hierarchy in Zoho CRM and define the type of data sharing you want to follow. Use profiles to define permissions for a set of users.

08:52 Management

User Management


Identify and add users who can have access to your CRM account. Manage their permissions and learn how user licenses work.

Data Administration

08:24 Migration

Data Migration


Switching to Zoho CRM? Migrate your business data to the new system accurately with very minimal manual work.

06:50 Import

Data Import


Import bulk records into various modules of Zoho CRM effortlessly.

03:39 Backup

Data Backup


Learn the importance of exporting data and how to take a complete backup of your CRM account.






Monitor how the visitors are performing, improve customer interaction and close deals efficiently with Zoho SalesIQ integration.




Integrate your PBX systems with Zoho CRM and make calls in a single click. Sync call data with customers' information and sell effectively.




Monitor how the visitors are performing, improve customer interaction and close deals efficiently with the SalesIQ integration.


07:35 Overview

GDPR Overview


Watch this video to get a quick overview of GDPR, its possible implications to your business, and a sneak peek of what Zoho CRM has in store for you.

09:59 Data Processing Bases

Handling Data Processing Bases


Learn how you can enable the GDPR compliance settings for your Zoho CRM account and how you can apply a lawful basis to process the personal data.

06:25 Data Subject Rights and Data Security

Managing Data Subject Rights and Data Security


Learn how you can manage and keep track of all the data subject requests and how you can secure personal data in your CRM account.





Make sales fun through gamification. Gamescope in Zoho CRM is designed to make sales more exciting for sales teams.

06:50 Forms

Web Forms


Build forms within CRM, publish them on your website and capture visitors' information that can be directly added to your CRM account.

05:22 Hours

Business Hours

Define the operational hours of your organization using Business Hours and Shift Hours in Zoho CRM.



Assign and monitor targets based on organizational or territorial hierarchy.


Zoholics - Austin 2019

23:47 Started with CRM

Getting Started with CRM

Learn the basic principles of CRM and follow a holistic approach for a successful CRM implementation. Focus on the people, processes and performance goals as you start your CRM setup.

19:25 CRM for Optimal Multichannel

Using CRM for Optimal Multichannel Lead Management

Learn how to optimize your CRM for multichannel lead management and discover the best ways to handle each stage: generation, nurturing, qualification, and conversion.

46:39 Should Fit Your Business

Software Should Fit Your Business—Not the Other Way Around

Learn how Zoho CRM can be easily customized to fit your business. We will start with setting up your CRM, user profiles, and module customization.

38:50 to Improve Sales Productivity

Automation to Improve Sales Productivity

In this video, we'll look at how to manage your sales process using Zoho CRM. You'll learn how to automatically add leads to your CRM from your website; manage your leads, contacts, and accounts; and create sales territories and setup forecasts for your team.

18:10 With Zia

Selling With Zia

Find out about Zia's latest capabilities in CRM, Desk, and Zoho One. Learn how Zia Voice can be programmed to help you in any business scenario.

24:14 Your Sales Path

Build Your Sales Path to Move Deals Forward Using Blueprint

Every sales process has different requirements that sometimes call for stringent procedures. In this session, CRM users will learn to design and use Blueprint to have users follow their sales process without deviation.

23:39 GSuite and Office 365

Integrate Your CRM With GSuite and Office 365

Running your business on G Suite or Office365 gets you started off right. This video will show you how these integrations work and how to set them up for your business.

24:38 Systems Integrations

Sell Better With Marketing and Support Systems Integrations

Let your sales team access the vital information captured from your marketing and support efforts. In this video, we'll see how contextual data from your other Zoho apps can feed into your CRM and help you sell better.

22:53 & SalesInbox

Email Integration with CRM & SalesInbox

Most businesses today are conducted via email. In this video, we will cover the different ways you can integrate your email, how to set it up, and how to use some of our more advanced email features to contextually view conversations.

09:44 Telephony

Know the Customer Before you Pick Up: Integrating Telephony Into Your CRM

Learn the benefits of integrating your phone system with Zoho CRM, including a live demonstration of the PhoneBridge platform. We'll go into depth on the key features, such as click-to-dial, call pop-up, automatic call logging, and call analytics.

36:05 Customization

Advanced Customization: Molding Software to Your Business Needs

Learn about the more vertical-based customizations you can make within CRM to cultivate scalability. We will be covering major features, like Conditional Layouts, Subforms, Many-to-Many relationships, and much more.

29:40 in CRM

Reporting in CRM

In this video, get details on creating custom reports for specific modules. It includes a breakdown of report types and data filtering options, a look at pre-built reports available out of the box, and an overview on exporting and best practices.

28:28 Best Practices

CRM Best Practices

This is a high level overview of CRM Best Practices from a Technical Support perspective. We will cover how to translate business processes into Zoho CRM using configuration tools and techniques. The session will cover setup, maintenance and reporting.