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Prefilling Forms in Zoho Forms is designed to enhance the user experience by pre-populating relevant data into the form fields. Try the form prefill feature now to facilitate smooth and intuitive interactions with your forms.

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What is Prefilling?

You can automatically prefill forms with previously entered content or with data pulled from a source. A prefilled form uses pre-populated fields to simplify the form submission process and support a seamless user experience.

Pre-fill Form using URL

Eliminate redundancy and save time

In the world of online forms, user convenience is paramount. None of us likes to repeatedly fill in the same details on multiple forms. Fortunately, a pre-populated form can save users valuable time and expedite form submissions. User data can also be pre-loaded into subsequent forms, ensuring a smooth and consistent journey.

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Enhance form response accuracy

Reduce the risk of typos, errors, and inconsistencies with prefilled forms. By pre-loading relevant data, Zoho Forms ensures accuracy and consistency in your data across multiple form submissions.

Pre-fill Form through URL Parameters

Improve form completion rates

Pre-populate form fields to reduce manual data entry for your respondents. This can significantly increase form completion rates, as users are more likely to finish filling out a form if they see that some fields are already completed. The ease and efficiency provided by pre-loading data can minimize abandonment rates and encourage users to hit that "Submit" button!


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Auto-generate prefilled form URLs

With Zoho Forms, generating form URLs with prefilled data is a quick and simple process. Say goodbye to manually appending prefilled values to your URLs. Now, all you need to do is provide the values for prefilling, and Zoho Forms will generate a prefilled link for you to share.


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Prefill forms with Zoho CRM data

Simplify the form submission process for your respondents by seamlessly prefilling forms with data pulled directly from Zoho CRM using the Zoho CRM field. By pulling data from your Zoho CRM accounts, you can dynamically pre-populate form fields with information, such as a lead's name, email address, and company name. This personalized approach enhances the user experience and improves the chances of lead conversion. Conveniently, you can capture additional information from leads, while still preserving the pre-loaded data, so you can gather specific details relevant to your marketing or sales efforts. The combined data provides a comprehensive view of each lead, enabling you to tailor your lead nurturing strategies and communications more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prefill a form? 

  • Provide alternate names (field aliases) to the fields that you wish to prefill.
  • Provide the prefilled values to correspond with each field alias. Then, auto-generate the public URL for your form with appended field aliases and the values to be prefilled. Share this prefilled form URL with your users.

Can users edit pre-filled form fields?  

Yes, users can edit prefilled form fields if needed. Prefilling serves as a convenience, but it does not prevent users from modifying the populated data according to their requirements.

If I am redirecting one form to another, how do I prefill my second form with content from the first form? 

  • Configure Field Alias for the fields in the second form.
  • Redirect the first form to the second under Acknowledgements & Redirects Settings.
  • Select the Prefill field values in redirected form option and map the Redirected Form Fields (denoted by your configured field aliases) that you wish to prefill to the Current Form Fields. Check out an example to understand this better.

If I am redirecting my form to a website, how do I pass the form responses to the redirected website? 

  • Under Settings > Acknowledgment & Redirects, select Redirect To and choose the Website option.
  • Enter the website URL and select the Prefill field values in website URL option.
  • In the pop-up, enter the parameter names to be the Prefill Key in the website URL and map them to the form fields.

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