Gathering contacts made easy with Zoho Forms

From collecting contacts to engaging with customers, handle everything with Zoho Forms conveniently.


Customer database

Gather contact information from your audience, store it in secure cloud systems, and access it whenever you need to.


Customer support

Pick up questions from your customers, generate tickets for your help desk, and resolve issues efficiently.


Customer engagement

Interact with your audience regularly with email marketing campaigns, to better cultivate your brand.


Mobile contact form

  • With our mobile app, create free online contact forms instantly and collect details on the go.
  • Collect data even while offline.
  • Scan business cards to autofill digital contact forms.

Collect contact details with ease using Zoho Forms

  • Embed contact forms in webpages

    Copy and paste HTML or JavaScript code to embed contact forms in webpages.

  • Share them on social media

    Convert your social media pages into sales avenues by obtaining contact details from your audience.

  • Use Zoho Forms' Wordpress plugin

    Collect contacts easily by publishing your form using our Wordpress plugin.

  • Send via email campaigns

    Distribute contact forms through email campaigns and add form respondents as contacts in your mailing list.

Push the limits of your contact forms

With Zoho Forms, add more purpose to your simple contact information forms by integrating them with a wide range of software applications.


Don't just collect contact information, grow your business with it!

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