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We're excited to unveil new features and improvements , all geared towards helping you, your teams, and your customers succeed.

Instant Messaging

Have more human

What if submitting a support request was as simple as dropping a text to a friend, and working through them just as easy? Introducing our instant messaging platform. From a single platform, you can rule over the most popular instant messaging channels. Provide flexible, consistent, and contextual support, no matter where your customers are, and how they reach out to you.

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Guided Conversations

Empower customers to chart
their own course

Give customers the power to control their own journey, and you are on your way to giving them a better experience. Introducing Guided Conversations: A proactive, low-code, self-service platform. Instead of relying on an agent to ask specific questions, Guided Conversations lets customers choose their own path, and intuitively guides them to appropriate solutions.

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Zoho Desk guided conversations response formats
Guided conversations automated chat Guided conversations email input Guided conversations select an option Guided conversations flow Guided conversations select an option Guided conversations flow Guided conversations ticket in Zoho Desk

Enhanced Experiences

Refined new look for
redefined experiences

A considerable amount of an agent's time at work is spent using help desk software, so it's essential that they love the experience. We have made mindful improvements to the overall look and feel of Zoho Desk to make navigating, communicating, and collaborating more seamless.

After icon Before icon
Zoho Desk new UI
Zoho Desk old UI

User Personalization

Zoho Desk user personalization focused layout and full width Zoho desk user personalization - new appearance Zoho Desk personalize reply button fonts Zoho Desk user personalization display font size Zoho Desk user personalization display font type Zoho Desk personalize reply button preview Zoho desk user personalization color themes
Zoho Desk new UI Zoho Desk new UI blue theme Zoho Desk new UI dark/night mode Zoho Desk new UI red theme Zoho Desk new UI green theme Zoho Desk new UI yellow theme Zoho Desk new UI orange theme Zoho Desk new UI zoho puvi font Zoho Desk new UI roboto font Zoho Desk new UI font size 12 Zoho Desk new UI font size 16 Zoho Desk display focus layout Zoho Desk Menu Left panel Layout
User preferences dark mode blue theme Light mode red theme lato font medium size Light mode green theme lato font medium size User preferences blue theme Light mode yellow theme lato font medium size Light mode orange theme lato font medium size Light mode blue theme zoho puvi font medium size Light mode blue theme roboto font medium size light mode blue theme lato font small size light mode blue theme lato font large size Menu Left panel Right Zoho Desk Default font editor menu Zoho Desk personalize reply button Zoho Desk user preferences

Accessibility Controls

Zoho Desk display font size
Zoho Desk Reading mask
Zoho Desk Highlight critical information Zoho Desk custome scrollbar
Zoho Desk underline links Zoho Desk animation controls Zoho Desk emphasize focus area
Zoho Desk Zoom level

Helping our customers
deliver happiness

“My target market is Latin America and the penetration of WhatsApp in this market is exaggeratedly high. Zoho Desk is a strong and robust ticket structure. if we add the power of WhatsApp to automate prospects and serve the customers there, the result is only success.”

Sergio Rey, Founder

“Within an hour of implementing we had a student submit their first support request using Guided Conversation, and it helps to ensure we get the information we need to provide a response and resolution with one reply when possible.”

Sandra Soucie, Director of Customer Success

“The new UI is cleaner and feels more organized - helps with my workload and the pop up feedback bubble gives me a great idea for our website. Thanks!"

Matt Sanchez, Web Support Specialist

“HUGE fan of the dark mode and the endless-scroll feature of the tickets. It works overall much better than before, good job with the updates!!"

Noah Atchley, Service Delivery Manager

“The simplicity of Zoho Desk's UI has really helped my digital transformation team to reduce the number of hours spent, from 5 to only 2.5 or 3 hours, in training and onboarding the new agents/users of the help desk technology."

Kushagra Sahni, Chief of Staff

“I like that when I am scrolling through tickets I don't have to click to get to the next page after each 50 tickets. The look is also so much nicer. Love it!!"

Kristina Porter, Quality Supervisor

“With Guided Conversations, our customers feel like they have another avenue to reach out and get support, and it gives them additional confidence in us to get the answers they're looking for."

Josh Benfield, Director of Technology and Training

“I love how easily Zoho Desk can be personalized. The tickets page can be personalized to display tickets in a list, view or queue. You can do this from the same dropdown. Scrolling through this list is also very smooth. My team enjoys the filtering interface where the filters apply as you select them. Displaying the applied filters at the top of the list is really helpful. Sorting too is very easy with a compact dedicated dropdown."

Ami Sheth, Chief Operations Officer

“The new interface that Zoho Desk has upgraded is very much appreciated by the users and an anticipated change. It always feels good when you see your feature requests becoming real. Our people have started personalizing their home screens, and there are many users who are a part of multi departments, so that color distinguished between the tickets has been really helpful to them."

Kunal Rijhsinghani, IT System Administrator

New privacy controls

We put customer privacy at the forefront of everything we do. In order to give you more control over your data, we have added new privacy controls and are constantly working on adding more.

Data Subject Requests

Provides a robust and scalable structure for safely processing your clients' data in line with GDPR.

Read Receipts

Indicates if the customer has read your replies.

Data Backup

Saves a copy of your help desk data to fall back on at any time.

Zoho Desk data subject rights (DSR)
Zoho Desk read receipts
Zoho Desk data backup

New extensions

This year, we introduced 48 new extensions in Zoho Marketplace,
including MS Teams 2.0, four native apps, 21 telephony apps, and more.

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Zoho desk new extensions

Foster happy agents and
happier customers

You can now access all the new features and updates. Get ready to retain
customers for life as you grow in 2023.