Healthcare Automation with Zoho Forms

Streamline healthcare processes, automate workflows, and enhance patient care by using Zoho Forms to manage patient data and interactions.

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Patient intake forms

Streamline the patient onboarding process with customized digital forms for patient registration to capture essential information securely. From personal details to medical history, Zoho Forms ensures a smooth paperless registration experience. Provide customers with a QR code they can scan to instantly access and complete your form from the device of their choice.

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Healthcare follow-up forms

Design forms tailored to the specific follow-up activities you need to track. Whether it's medication compliance, symptom severity, or lifestyle changes, Zoho Forms allows you to create customizable forms that align with the unique needs of each patient. Leverage the data you collect to automatically pre-populate any additional forms requiring consent and e-signatures from the patient.

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Medical file uploads

Collect comprehensive medical history information from patients, including clinical records, diagnostic reports, and X-rays, and ensure that all relevant documents are securely stored in one place. This simplifies the process of understanding the patient's medical history to make informed decisions regarding their care.

Automated prescriptions

Create a comprehensive prescription form to input patient details, medication information, dosage instructions, and any other relevant data. Merge form data seamlessly into predefined prescription document templates to automatically generate accurate, customized prescription documents for each patient.


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Medical invoicing

Streamline the billing process by providing multiple secure payment gateways to accommodate a wide range of patient preferences. Send instant confirmation to patients upon successful payments and automatically generate and deliver receipts via email.

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Secure patient data management

Create customized forms for various purposes, from patient intake and medical history to appointment scheduling. Zoho Forms is HIPAA compliant and includes robust security features, such as field encryption and CAPTCHA, to safeguard patient data from potential breaches or unauthorized access.

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