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Expand your reach by translating forms into multiple languages, ensuring a broader audience. With Zoho Forms, you can seamlessly translate forms into over 50 supported languages. Try now!

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Translate your forms effortlessly

Whether you're collecting feedback, generating leads, or conducting surveys, multilingual forms enable you to connect with a broader demographic on a more personal level. Create forms in multiple languages and empower users to engage in their preferred language by building forms with effortless form translation.

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Multilingual Forms and Translation
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Create an inclusive experience for your audience

With Zoho Forms, you have the flexibility to select from a diverse range of over 50 supported languages and ensure that all visitors, regardless of their native tongue, can easily engage with your online form. It's not just about convenience, it's about making everyone feel welcome and valued.

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Share translated forms in a jiffy

Readily get the translated form's URL to share with your global audience. You can share it directly with your target audience, ensuring they engage with your content in a language they're most comfortable with. Share your translated forms as a QR code or embed your form on a website in the desired translated language and cater to a diverse audience in a way that's convenient and user-friendly.

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Say Thank You in their language

When a user fills out a form in their native tongue, redirect them to a thank you page automatically displayed in the same language. Whether you're expressing gratitude, providing instructions, or sharing additional information on the Thank You page, create a seamless and personalized experience making every interaction meaningful. 

Automatically translate your acknowledgment

Translate your forms seamlessly and cater to a global audience today!