Equip your team with the right tool to handle data

Functions, charts, pivots, comments, and all that's needed for collaborative data analysis.

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Get the team together

Why let distance be a barrier to productivity? Work with your colleagues, make edits, drop in comments, and start discussions, all inside your spreadsheet, all in real time.

Always be in the saddle

With cell/range-level user-specific lock settings and Audit Trail, make sure your data, however large or small, remains safe and sound when you're not around. Version History ensures your data is backed up, in case you need it later on.

Analyze data like a pro

Use functions and pivots to get where you want to with your available data. Make your spreadsheet not only informative but also visually interpretative, with charts and graphs.

Study data patterns

Highlight specific parts of your data with conditional formats and visualize your data series with in-cell color scales and icon sets.

Spreadsheets that speak

With pick lists, checkboxes, buttons, and data validations, make your spreadsheet less of a data hub and more of an interactive application. Simply put, evolve beyond traditional spreadsheets.

Automation done right

Say goodbye to repeating mundane tasks and start automating. Record macros for simple tasks or use VBA code to create an advanced flow of action with a single click of a button.

Flexible with other formats

Bringing your spreadsheets into Zoho Sheet is a cakewalk, as we support Microsoft Excel, .ods, .csv, and .tsv files. And if that's not enough, we also allow exporting in .html and .pdf formats.

Take your data public

Publish your spreadsheets to the world, and embed your data on your web page or blog to make your statement. Decide who can and cannot view your formula cells, and allow file exports only when you wish to.

Collect data with Forms

Zoho Sheet's integration with Zoho Forms allows you to create, edit, and publish forms, then collect the data back into your spreadsheets. Once you've got it, use Zoho Sheet's toolkit to analyze it all.

Localized for a global market

Why let language limit you? With support for 23 different languages and the ability to easily flip to right-to-left orientation, Zoho Sheet makes sure you always feel right at home.

Take your data anywhere

Data knows no boundaries—why should you? Install the Zoho Sheet app on your mobile devices, and take your data wherever you go. Also, enjoy all the benefits of your devices, with support for the latest features in iOS and Android.

Interactive, intelligent, and free.

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