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An array of functions.

Perform anything, from basic arithmetic to complex calculations, with the help of 350+ functions available in Zoho Sheet. Auto-completion of formulas, contextual side panes, and syntax snippets make it easier to use these functions. Read more

Zoho Sheet supports over 350+ functions.

Custom function

Have unique calculations that are not covered by Zoho Sheet's extensive range of 350+ functions? Create your own personalized functions with minimal coding, using the Deluge integration for Zoho Sheet. You can also, bring in data from other applications using custom functions without breaking a sweat! Learn more

Seek goals the right way

With Goal Seek, setting up targets and making estimates are easy tasks. Work top-down, with the desired results in mind, and figure out the requisites.

Goal seek will help you take data driven decisions.

Solver: Don't let constraints keep you down

The Solver tool can be used to find a maximum or minimum result, given a set of constraints. Linear programming has never been more practical and userfriendly.

Solver in Zoho Sheet

Tools that compute for you

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