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An array of functions.

Perform anything from basic arithmetics to complex calculations with the help of 350+ functions that are available in Zoho Sheet. Auto-completion of formulas, contextual side panes, and the syntax snippets make it easier to use these functions. Read more.

Zoho Sheet supports over 350+ functions.

Custom function

Have unique calculations that are not covered by Zoho Sheet's extensive range of 350+ functions? Create your own personalized functions with minimal coding, using Deluge integrated within Zoho Sheet. Also, bring in data from other applications using custom functions, all without breaking a sweat! Learn more.

Seek goals the right way

With Goal Seek, setting up targets and making estimates will no longer be a nightmare. Work top-down, with the desired results in mind, and figure out the requisites.

Goal seek will help you take data driven decisions.

Solver—don't let constraints keep you down

The Solver tool can be used to find a maximum or minimum result, given a set of constraints. Linear programming has never been more practical and user-friendly.

Solver in Zoho Sheet

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