A function for your
every need

Perform personalized calculations and bring in data from external sources with Zoho Sheet's custom functions. Watch a video


Crunch numbers your way

Zoho Sheet supports more than 350 functions, ranging from simple calculations to complex array formulas. With user-defined functions, you can now create a personalized function for your every need.

Functions and formulas in Zoho Sheet

Create effortlessly

Custom functions in Zoho Sheet are powered by Deluge, the programming language for non-programmers. All you have to do is drag and drop elements into the editor, with a single line of code stating the action to be performed.


Pull data from other apps

Use custom functions to fetch contextual data from Zoho applications, such as CRM, Mail,
People, and Books, or from other sources, using APIs.


Easy to use

Use custom functions easily with contextual suggestions, function panel listings, and range indications. Custom functions in Zoho Sheet can also be used as a part of a nested function or as array functions.

Use custom functions easily