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Vibrant charts to visualize data

With over thirty-five different chart types available, you can find the best way to visualize almost any datatype. Create and customize elegant charts with unique color schemes.

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Pivot Table: The data summarizer

Pivot tables help you find the needle in the haystack. If you have a lot of data on your hands and want to make sense of it, pivot tables are the way to do it. They pull the desired reports and summaries out of your datasets to help you understand your data more easily.

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Zia: Let AI handle the data analysis

Say hello to Zia, your intelligent data assistant! From now on, Zia will help you analyze data by automatically creating charts, building pivot tables, and answering your data-related questions. Learn more

Conditional formats

Conditional formats make any data presentable. The formatting can be a color scale, an icon, or even a custom format, applied to a set of cells. Cells that match specified conditions will be formatted accordingly, making them stand out in a sheet full of cells. Learn more

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Sparklines are in-cell charts that'll help you visualize data rows. They are completely customizable, from the color, to the chart type, to the axes.

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Sort and filter to save time

Sort the data and filter the results to get your hands on exactly what you need. Save the time you’d spend scrolling through rows and rows of unorganized numbers.

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