Zia: Your personal data analyst

A lot of times, data representation becomes a bigger task than the data collection itself. That's when your personal data analyst, Zia comes to the rescue. Watch a Video

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Zia helps you visualize data

There's little use in having rows and rows of data if people can't make sense of it. Charts have long been the traditional way of organizing and representing data. As your intelligent data analyst, Zia will recommend charts (or aggregate them depending on your data,) that you can add to your spreadsheet with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Zia builds the best pivot tables

When data seems too vast for a chart, it can be confined to a table. Zia will scan data, group it, and then put it into pivot tables. These tables provide compressed summaries of all your data. Drag-and-drop options simplify the process of creating pivot tables.

Ask Zia questions about your data

Ask Zia questions about your data, just like you would with your data analyst, in plain and simple English. Zia will help you understand the answer through charts, pivots, or formulas, so you can arrive at solutions more easily in the future.

All you need is a second opinion

Zia, in addition to charts and pivots, will also provide insights for you to better understand your data. The larger the data sets, the more accurate these insights get.

Zia is mobile friendly.

How helpful would it be to have a data assistant in your pocket all the time? That's what it’s like when you install the iOS or Android apps for Zoho Sheet. These applications have Zia built in, to help you solve all your data issues, from the simplest to the most complex. You don't even have to type in your questions. Simply ask them aloud to Zia.

With artificial intelligence, turn data into information.

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