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Work together, even when you're apart

Proximity shouldn't limit the effectiveness of your team. Zoho Sheet lets you share your spreadsheets and enjoy real-time collaboration with your team, by creating boundless cloud-based workplaces. 

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Edit in real time

Zoho Sheet not only allows collaborators to make changes to your spreadsheet, but also keeps you in the loop while they do it. View changes as they're being made, and track them for future reference.

See real time edits made by collaborators to the spread

Comment contextually

Make a comment on a specific cell, a range of cells, or the sheet as a whole—and use @mentions to ensure they always get noticed by the person they're intended for. Once handled, just resolve the comment to hide it, leaving unresolved comments visible and open for further discussion. 

Keep the team in the loop

Speaking of discussions, the group chat option in Zoho Sheet allows all collaborators to express their opinions. If there's something everyone, or a group of specific collaborators, needs to know, the Notify Collaborators feature helps you get the message across via email. 


Spreadsheets made secure

Keep control of your shared data by limiting access to your spreadsheet. Lock all or specific collaborators out of cell ranges, or entire sheets, to prevent accidental edits. Review changes with Audit Trail, and revisit or revert to older versions of your file with Version History. All these features give you control over your data. Learn more


Comment, converse, collaborate.

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