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Push web form's data to Salesforce

Increase your productivity by automating data entry in Salesforce CRM. Use Zoho Forms to collect and push form entries to any Standard or Custom Salesforce object of your choice.

Integrate Zoho Forms With Salesforce - Zoho Forms
Web Forms Salesforce Integration - Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms + Salesforce integration for accelerated sales processes

Easily build and share web-to-lead forms for Salesforce. Analyze the data you collect and gather actionable insights to customize your sales approach. Close deals in Salesforce faster than ever before!

Integrate Zoho Forms with Salesforce

Salesforce Web Form Builder - Zoho Forms

Create your Salesforce form

Build a form using Zoho Forms' intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Integrate Online Forms With Salesforce - Zoho Forms

Integrate with Salesforce account

Map your form's fields with the corresponding fields in your Salesforce object.

Salesforce Mobile Forms - Zoho Forms

Share your web form 

Now share the form with your audience and start receiving data in Salesforce.


Salesforce automation with Zoho Forms

Set up triggers in your form to initiate various automated actions in Salesforce.


Send attachments

Push attachments, signatures, and PDF copies of form submissions to Salesforce.


Update records

Update existing Salesforce records with your form's data.


Assign records

Execute various CRM tasks by assigning records to the users in your organization.



Send Salesforce records to the users in your organization for approval processes.

Mobile forms for Salesforce

Empower your field teams with Zoho Forms feature-rich mobile app. With the Salesforce integration set up in the form, your on-the-move sales team can collect offline data too. Learn More

QR Code

Card Scanner

Work Offline

Kiosk Mode

Image Upload



QR Code

Share your form's QR Code with your audience to access the form using mobile devices.


Card Scanner

Scan business cards to automatically fill up forms in real-time.


Work Offline

Create forms and collect data while you're offline.


Kiosk Mode

Set up your mobile device to generate forms repeatedly after each submission is made.


Image Upload

Upload images in your forms from your mobile device.



Let your mobile form detect and fill up details of the current location in Address fields.


Shorten your sales cycles, increase your sales conversion rate, and improve customer satisfaction with our powerful online forms for Salesforce.