Forms for e-mail campaigns

Are you a marketer looking to automate campaign-related activities? Add subscribers to your Zoho Campaigns mailing lists and distribute forms in your campaign emails.

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Clever integration

Integrate your form with Zoho Campaigns mailing list.

Zoho Campaigns Zoho Forms IntegrationZoho Campaigns Integration - Zoho Forms

Crafty contact collection

Share the form with your audience and add respondent's contact details to your subscribers list.

Integrate Zoho Forms and CampaignsZoho Campaigns + Zoho Forms IntegrationIntegrating Zoho Forms with Zoho Campaigns

Easier form distribution

Attach forms in your campaign emails and share them with your audience.

Enhance your customer engagement activities

Widen your reach

Grow your subscriber base substantially by automatically adding form responders as subscribers in Zoho Campaigns. Create multiple mailing lists and market on a large scale.

Engage with customers

Cultivate your brand, and keep your audience hooked by sharing interactive forms in email campaigns. Build forms with attractive designs and customize them however you need.

Dynamic integration for robust campaigning

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