Understand Forms

Understand forms

A form is the component of your Zoho Creator app that enables you to collect and store data. Forms are therefore one of the main points of interaction between your users and your app. A form takes on the same role in your Zoho Creator app as a table in a database or a sheet in a spreadsheet.

Forms, the components through which data is entered, are the central components of your Zoho Creator app. You will need to create a form in order to create a report (to view the data in different formats) or a workflow (to trigger specific actions at set times or in response to set inputs) in your app.

What is a form made of? How does it look?

A form is made of fields. It is the fields in your form that enable you to collect data from your users and store them in an organized manner. There are different field types in Zoho Creator, each designed to enable your users to submit a specific kind of data. For example: name, email address, phone number, address, files, images, audio, video, etc.

A form also has buttons. Below is how a form looks,

  • When a user accesses it from a web browser:

What's form submission? How can one see the submitted data?

Form submission refers to the event where your user clicks (on a web browser) or taps (on a phone/tablet) the Submit button on the form. On form submission, the entered data gets submitted and a record is created. The number of records that your users can add in your Zoho Creator app depends on your subscription.

You can view the data submitted through your form using reports. Each form can have one or more reports.

Features and capabilities

When you're collaborating with users in an app, it is not enough to just enable users to submit data, but enable them to submit valid data. Zoho Creator offers a wide range of options using which you can define what is to happen, right from the moment a user accesses a form in your app, to what is to happen after a user submits the form.

With respect to collecting data

  • Zoho Creator offers 38 different types of fields - each meant to capture a specific kind of data, that you can add to your form. Each of these fields comes with a set of capabilities - some common across most fields, and some specific to each field, that you can leverage to validate the data your users enter in them.
  • In addition to the data that's submitted through the form, Zoho Creator captures details like which user added the record, which user last modified that record, the time at which the record was added, etc., in system fields.

With respect to restricting form submission

With respect to restricting access to the form

With respect to a successful form submission

  • You can enable your users to view a success message.
  • You can enable your users to receive an email notification that can include the data they submitted.
  • You can redirect your users to a website or a component (form, report, or page) in your app.

With respect to the form's appearance

  • You can, from the available set of device-specific layouts, apply the most suitable one to your form.
  • You can, from the available set of themes, apply the most suitable one to your form.

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