Understand spreadsheet report

Understand spreadsheet report

The spreadsheet report enables you to view records in a table grid arrangement. The information is distributed into rows and columns, with the fields occupying the column headers and the field values occupying the rows below.

This report behaves like a typical spreadsheet. You can easily perform the following actions in the report:

  • Edit data without having to access the form
  • Copy or cut and paste data in the report
  • Undo and redo actions
  • Autofill cells with the required data

Using a spreadsheet report is ideal when your requirement is to view the records and update them instantaneously.

Modify records

In a spreadsheet, you can edit the record directly in the report. Selecting the cell in which you want to change the information enables editing the value. You could copy and paste or cut and paste information within the report. The value available in a field can be dragged over to consecutive fields to duplicate the value across records. To achieve auto-filling, place the cursor at the bottom corner of a cell. Click and drag to consecutive cells until you replicate the value in the required records.

It is possible to delete more than one record in one shot. On selecting the record that needs to be removed, the delete icon appears in the header. Clicking the icon deletes the records after confirmation.

Freeze rows and columns

The predefined layout selections become the factors that influence the rows and columns that remain static at the event of scrolling through records that run beyond a single page. Your spreadsheet report can retain the first column and first row in the view of the user while allowing the rest of the rows and columns to be scrolled out of view.

Note: Please note that freeze column is not functional in a report that includes name or address fields.

Spreadsheet report equips you with searching, filtering, importing, and exporting capabilities.

  • Search enables you to search for specific data within the report
  • Filter feature, which is a predefined option, enables you to narrow down to particular records based on field values that belong in choice or date field types. There is another Custom Filter, which again is predefined but not based on choice fields values. It has predefined criteria that serve as filters. Those records that match the chosen criteria (custom filter) alone will be filtered and displayed
  • Import feature enables you to import records and create your spreadsheet report
  • Export feature enables you to export records in the desired format

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