Configure localization settings

Configure localization settings / set language

To configure localization:

  1. Click the Localization option found under the Data administration section in the Settings page.

  2. Choose the required option from the predefined set.

  3. To add a new language click the Add language button in the top-right corner of the page.

  4. The Add language tab will appear. Scroll down through the list of languages and choose the required language.

  5. The new language will be reflected in the list on the localization page.

  6. Click the  Translate button found adjacent to respective language. Translations done for the components and sections of the application will be displayed.
    When you have customized section labels for phone and tablet:
    • When you have customized section labels for phone, an additoinal segment titled Mobile Sections will be displayed last in the Translate pane, as shown below. The translations you set for phone will automatically be set for tablet as well.
    • When you have customized section labels for phone and tablet individually, you will see Mobile Sections and Tab Sections
  7. Edit the translations as required, then click Save.

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