Understand payment workflow

Understand payment workflow

Payment workflow lets you collect online payments from your users through the forms in your Zoho Creator application. You(application admin) can create the payment workflow by specifying the criteria based on which the payment should be collected. You can also set the action(s) to perform on a payment success or failure.

Consider the example of an Order Management application where customers place an order through the Order form. An Order form will consist of customer details such as name, shipping address, mobile number, items purchased, quantity, and total amount. You can configure the payment connection in the Order form by mapping the Total amount field to the Amount field. In this case, the amount displayed in the Total amount field while adding the record in the form will be used as the payment amount. Additionally, you can configure actions to a payment workflow such as order confirmation email, adding the customer information in your CRM system, and adding the transaction details such as transaction ID and reference number in another form. 

Payment workflow can be configured in various scenarios such as,

  • Collecting registration fees - A user registers for an event like a workshop, certification programme, webinar, etc., on your form, and has to pay a registration fee
  • Collecting donations - An organization, especially a not-for-profit or non-governmental (NGO), may create a form through which users can make donations to them
  • Selling subscriptions - A user can subscribe to a newsletter, magazine and make payments periodically

Before you configure a payment workflow, you must establish a connection with the payment gateway by mapping your payment gateway credentials in Zoho Creator. This is a one-time process. You can add a payment gateway from the Account setup section.

A payment gateway is a service used by e-businesses and online retailers to accept online payments from their customers. The online payment modes accepted by payment gateways include credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets. A payment gateway acts as the middleman between the customer’s bank and the merchant’s bank. It accepts the payment from the customer and makes sure that it reaches the merchant’s bank account. Zoho Creator supports the following payment gateways:

Payment GatewaysSupported Countries
Authorize.NetUnited States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe
ForteUnited States, United Kingdom, Canada
Payflow ProUnited States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand
PaymentsProUnited States, United Kingdom, Canada
PayPalView the list
StripeView the list

Once you have established the connection with any of the above payment gateways, you can configure the payment workflow in your form. When users submit the Creator form, they will be redirected to the payment gateway that you have added and enabled in the Account Setup section.


  • The currency type that you choose for the payment field in your form must be same as the payment gateway's currency type that you have added and enabled in the Account setup section.
  • You can add one connection for each payment gateway. However, you can only have one payment gateway enabled in your Zoho Creator account at a time.

The payment status will be shown in the list report(the default report based on the form in which the payment workflow is configured) when the transaction is complete.

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