Understand Pages

Understand pages

As an application user, when you have collected enough data using multiple forms, you go for insights, using the Reports component. Now, the primary rationale of collecting such vast amounts of data and generating reports is to measure, monitor and manage this information, to improve decision making and optimizing various business processes.

Now, there are a number of volatile components to your business that impact it's overall performance. As business owners, you would prefer creating, collecting and accessing all this data from one place, over having to hop to multiple places every time.

Pages in Zoho Creator help you in achieving this objective. Using pages, you can aggregate and extract values from the data collected, convert them into manageable chunks of visual information and provides a detailed overview of your business on a single screen.

The distinguishing factor of a Page is that it is visually intuitive. That is, pages put up information in various views such as graphs, buttons, panels, forms, reports, embedded links and so on. You can create custom screens to represent data collected from various sources to provide an expansive view of complex data. 

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