Understand allowing one entry per user

Understand restricting form entries by allowing one entry per user

You can restrict your form to accept just only entry per user. Learn how

When a user accesses your form a second time, the form will not load. Instead, the user will see a message. You may display the default message: You may only fill this form out one time, or customize it. Below is how the message appears on a form:

  • When a user accesses it from a web browser:

How is this restriction achieved?

For each record that is submitted through a form, Zoho Creator captures a few details like who (which user) added the record, what time the record was added, etc. These details are stored in system fields.

The system field Added User stores the username of the user who added the record. Zoho Creator relies on the data stored in this field to validate if a record has already been submitted by a user.

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