Manage page properties

Manage page properties

The Page properties section allows you to set high-level properties for your page including the background color, add print and PDF conversion options, and create new page parameters. You can also rename, duplicate, or delete a page from this section.

To set page properties: 

  1. Click the Slider Icon at the top right of the page builder to open the page properties menu.

  2. In the page properties menu, you can:
    • Add page parameters: Click Add Parameter. Type a parameter name and click Add.
    • Enable PDF conversion option: Select the enable radio button under PDF.
    • Enable PRINT option: Select the enable radio button under PRINT.
    • Set Background Color: You can choose from the pre-defined color options provided under Background Color or click the Color Pallette icon to pick your own color.

    PRINT and PDF options will take effect when the page is accessed. 

To rename, duplicate, or delete a page

  1. Click the ellipsis icon next to the slider icon on the top right of the page builder for more options. 

  2. From here, you can:
    • Rename a page:
      • Click the Rename option.
      • In the following pop-up, enter a Page Name and a Page Link Name.
      • Click RENAME.

    • Duplicate a page:
      • Click the Duplicate option.
      • Enter a Page Name for the duplicate page.
      • Click DUPLICATE.

    • Delete a page:
      • Click Delete option.
      • Click DELETE in the following Alert window.

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