Application Backup

Application Backup


Zoho Creator provides you the flexibility to copy an existing application to be used as a template(i.e., A new application without the data) or backup the application with data.

Who can copy/backup application?

  • You(application owner) can copy the application structure without data. If you have subscribed to the Professional Edition or above, you can back up the application with data.
  • Shared users who have access to edit the application, can copy the application structure.

Copy Application

You can create a copy of the application in the following ways:

  • Duplicating an application or exporting its DS file is not supported when a report in it displays data from 150 fields or more.
  • Duplicating an application or exporting its DS file only concerns the application structure. The data in it will not be duplicated or exported. You'll have to manually import/input data into the newly created application.
  • Duplicate the Application

    1. Your Homepage lists all the applications created by you and shared with you. When you mouse over to an application that you have created, the options Edit, Users, and More will be displayed.
    2. Click on More and choose Duplicate from the drop down.
    3. Once duplicated, the Home page lists the application with name Copy of <ApplicationName>. For example, if you are copying an application named Contacts, the duplicate copy will be named as Copy of Contacts.
  • Export the Application DS file

    You can export the application structure (without data) as a Deluge Script file (.ds file).

    1. From the application dashboard, click the Settings tab on the left pane.
    2. The Application Settings -> General section displays the Export Application button on the top right corner of the screen.
    3. On click of the button, the entire application gets downloaded to your local drive as a Deluge Script file(.ds file).

    You can create a copy of this application later, by importing this Deluge Script(.ds) file. Refer to Create application by importing Deluge script section for more information.

Backup the Application with data

Zoho Creator supports the backup feature only in Professional Edition and above. This backup includes the data also. Refer the Application Backup section for more information.

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