Field name & Field link name

Understand field name and field link name

  • The Field name property is applicable to all fields except the add notes field
  • The Field link name property is applicable to all fields

Field name

The field name of a field is the text that is displayed next to its input area in a form. This lets your users know what information they are to enter in that field. It can contain letters from any language, numbers, and special characters. Unless you've changed your form's layout, below is how the field names will appear on a form,

  • When a user accesses it from a web browser:

Field link name

The field link name is the name with which a field is internally referred by Zoho Creator. It can contain letters of the English alphabet in both lower and upper case, numbers and underscore ( _ ). The first character in the field link name must be a letter. The field link name is unique for fields in a form, i.e., there cannot be more than one field in a form with the same field link name.

You will need to use a field's link name when you:

  • Refer to that field in Deluge script
  • Set values to fields (as query string in your form's permalink) when a user accesses your form to submit an entry
  • Filter records displayed by a report by passing criteria (as query string in that report's permalink)

Reserved words w.r.t. Field link name

Certain words are reserved by the platform for internal use. Therefore, when you set the field link name with them, the platform appends them with _field.

  • Reserved words: ContainercontainerRequestrequestresponse, Deluge Keywords, and parameters that start with Zc_
  • Example: When you set a field's link name as container, the platform will reset it as container_field

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