Understand schedules

Understand schedules

Schedules let you create timed actions without any user input. These timed actions can be executed periodically based on the date and time values present in your form or on fixed date and time.

You can set up a schedule to send automated emails, email data of the report as attachments, send meeting details to employees, installation reminders to the customers after product delivery, birthday wishes, project deadlines based on the date fields in your form. Also, you can fetch information from other services, such as tracking event attendee information from third-party apps every week, update lead information in the CRM system periodically etc.  

There are two instances in which you can trigger a schedule in Zoho Creator. They are:  

  • On a specific date and time - Execute the workflow on a specific date and time
  • On a date field in the form - Execute the workflow based on the date field in your form

You can create a schedule and add actions to it. When the schedule is triggered, it invokes the associated actions. Additionally, you can set criteria to run the action only for selected records in your form.

The actions that you can perform on a schedule are listed below:

  • Email and SMS notification: Send email or SMS notification on a scheduled date. Learn more.
  • Data access: Add, Update or Delete a record in a form based on a scheduled date. Learn more.
  • Custom action: Predefined actions solve the requirement in most cases. Regardless, there are situations where you can write scripts to perform a task. Learn more.

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