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Understand publishing a page 

All components in your Creator applications are subject to access control. In other words, only those whom you've permitted are allowed to access them. However, Creator allows you to publish your application components. This creates a parallel version of the component, which allows it to be publicly accessible (similar to any website or blog on the Web).

Below is an image of a published page with its published components — search element, Personal Details form, and Volunteer Timings report.

Publishing a page and its related components

Since pages allow you to build custom screens that can include multiple application components—forms, reports, and other pages inside it, Zoho Creator allows you to decide which component should be accessible in your page's published version. Thus while publishing a page:

  1. You'll also have to publish the components that you want to be accessible in your page's published version.
  2. You must edit your page and toggle the allow public access option for the required components.

Things to know

Below are the components that can be displayed in the published version of your pages:

Permalink and embed code

Upon publishing a page, Zoho Creator generates a permalink and an embed code for it. The permalink can be shared with users and they will be able to access your page publicly. The embed code allows you to embed the page in your digital assets like websites and blogs. 

Editing the page after publishing it

Once published, any changes that you make to the page will automatically be reflected in its published version. However, to make the newly added component (form, report, or page) accessible in the published version, you'll have to:

  1. Navigate to your application's Settings and publish the component. Learn how to publish a form, report, and page
  2. Open your page's builder and toggle the Allow public access option to Yes. Learn how

Republishing the page

You can also republish a published page. Republishing enables you to generate a new permalink and embed code for the same component while rendering its existing codes obsolete.

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