Introduction to the Zoho Creator Android SDK

The Zoho Creator Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android is aimed at helping you easily build a custom Android app with multiple features and functionalities. The APIs enable you to programmatically fetch and edit data within different Zoho Creator modules such as Forms, Pages and Reports. Additionally, you can design the app's UI according to your style guides while powering the back-end development using the SDK.

Note: Zoho Creator's Mobile SDK is currently a Beta feature. We do not recommend using it for apps in the production stage.

The Zoho Creator SDK consists of two libraries:

  • Core library: This lets you create your own custom UIs and build apps using the data present in the different modules(forms, reports and pages) of Zoho Creator
  • UI & Core library: This lets you include the UI component of the Zoho Creator modules (Forms, Reports & Pages) in your Android project and also create your own custom UIs and build apps using the data present in the different modules.

The Android libraries contain the following classes:

  • SDKUtil - This util lets you manage the interface of various components of the Zoho Creator application. This is only available in the UI & Core library.
  • ZOHOCreatorUtil - This util lets you fetch the list of applications belonging to  an account and also fetch sections and its components
  • FormUtil - This util lets you add, edit ,and update records and handle the functionalities of the choice fields, media fields and the execution of deluge scripts and field actions
  • ReportUtil - This util lets you fetch the different reports(Map, kanban, Calendar etc.). Also delete, duplicate , export and perform custom actions on the records. You can also download the data that are present in the various media fields (image,video etc.)
  • PageUtil - This util lets you fetch the contents of the page and also lets you execute function and download the images in the page

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