The getPrefixIgnoreCase() function returns all the characters which precede the first occurrence of searchText in the inputText. If the searchText is not found, this function returns null.

  • This task performs a case-insensitive search. In order to perform a case-sensitive search, use the getPrefix built-in function.
  • The size of each input and output parameter of this function can individually be up to 300 KB.

Return Type

  • TEXT


<variable> = <inputText>.getPrefixIgnoreCase(<searchText>);


ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>TEXTVariable which will contain the returned characters.
<inputText>TEXTThe text from which all the characters preceding the searchText will be returned.

The searchText whose occurrence will be checked in the inputText.


The following example searches for the text - AND in the inputText and returns its prefix. 
 inputText = "Split the text and get prefix of \"and\"" ; 
 newText = inputText .getPrefixIgnoreCase ( "AND" ) ;             
 info newText ; // Returns "Split the text" 

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