Conversing with Zia

Now you can hold a meaningful conversation with Zia and quickly get insightful reports. You can talk to Zia using a chat like interface. Zia will understand your questions and provide the best possible answers as reports. You can also ask about Zoho Analytics to get to know how the product works. 

Setting Conversation Mode

From Ask Zia tab

You can activate the conversation mode of Ask Zia using the Conversation Mode toggle button at the top right corner of the interface.

From Explorer

You can invoke Ask Zia from the Search Views field on the Workspace Search. Click the Continue Conversation link on the dialog to enter the Conversation Mode in the Ask Zia interface.

From the Dashboard 

From the Dashboard page, you can invoke the Ask Zia interface by clicking the Ask Zia button on top right corner of the page.

The Ask Zia interface will be available in Conversation Mode only.


  • Ask Zia Conversation mode does not support Spanish yet. If the Zoho Accounts Language is set as Spanish, then the Ask Zia language automatically be set to Spanish. You need to change the Ask Zia language in settings to converse with Zia.
  • A report given as answer by Zia, when dragged and dropped to a dashboard, will get saved in the latest folder used. In the case of the report being a chart, if you change chart type, and drag and drop the report again to the dashboard, it will be saved as a new report with a different name.

Conversing with Zia

Talking to Zia is as easy as talking to a person.  Zia will understand the natural language and get the appropriate answer for your question. 

Chat with Zia

Zia differentiates between analytical queries and chitchats, and it can respond accordingly. You can try some basic chitchats like "hello", "good morning", "who are you" , "what can you do for me?", etc

Get Reports

Ask Zia for the metrics you want to visualize. Zia will analyze your data and provide the best possible report as an answer. As you ask for more details, Zia will append it to the existing query constructed for your question.

Once you get your desired result, you can save it as a report. 

You can start a new conversation to create a new report, using one of the following methods.

  • Use Double Enter in the question field
  • Send a message as "Clear" to Zia 
  • Click the Clear All link in the field.

Auto suggestion

To make the conversation more easier, Zia auto suggests a few questions based on your data. Click the more icon and then select the questions you want to ask. Zia will get you the answers. /div>

Zia will also suggest columns that match your current conversation, as you type your question. 

Get Zia Insights

You can invoke Zia Insights for the generated reports. This provides actionable insights in the form of digestible narrations. This enables the customer to get the insights immediately.
To get the narration of your report, either click the Zia icon in the report, or type as Insights. 

Ask about Zoho Analytics

You can also ask Zia, questions that you have about Zoho Analytics. Zia will take you to the appropriate help documentation pages where you will find the information that you'd asked for.