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Shipping Integration


Using Zoho Inventory, you can integrate your organizations with 20+ Major shipping service providers, enabling quicker shipping of your products, simpler tracking and better reach to your customers and markets.

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Before we integrate your Zoho Inventory account with shipping service providers, you need to fulfill a few prerequisites for successful and smooth operation ahead.

Setting up Integrations

Shipping Integration page

To integrate with a carrier to manage your shipping:

Lets take a tour of all the shipping channel integrations:

List of shipping carriers

Shipping Carriers from US and Canada
Shipping Carriers from Europe
Shipping Carriers from all over the world

Other actions

You can edit or delete a shipping channel that you are integrated with, anytime you wish. It will be reflected on all your future operations. To find out how look below.

shipping channel icons - edit and delete

Editing a shipping channel integration

To edit a shipping channel integration, follow this route map:

Deleting a shipping channel integration

To delete a shipping channel integration, click on the trash bin icon below the shipping channel logo that you wish to delete.