Zoho Inventory

Creating a New Sales Order

To create a sales order:

Create new sales order info Select customers info Associate price list to a transaction
Enter the item details for the sales order.

Pro Tip: Instead of searching for the items from the list, you can select an item by scanning its barcode. When you scan the same barcode more than once, the quantity of the item gets incremented automatically.

info info

Note: If you’ve enabled multiple warehouse management for your organization, you will have additional steps and capabilities when creating a Sales Order. To know more, click here.

Creating a Sales Orders from Contacts

To create a sales order directly from contacts, follow this route map:

Image of the new transaction button and drop down

Note: You can create Sales orders from contacts page only for those contacts who are your customers.

Importing Sales Orders

To import sales orders from other sources:


Learn in detail the steps to import a file in Zoho Inventory.

Note: You can enable auto generation of Sales Order Number for the file you’re about to upload.

Generating Online Orders

When you integrate with an online marketplace or a shopping cart, for every sale made inside the marketplace or shopping cart, a sales order along with the items & customer information is generated inside Zoho Inventory. Such a sales order is known as an Online Order.

Note: Only orders that are not fulfilled by amazon or other third parties get auto generated here as an online order.

For an online sales order, you can create an invoice, package the items and create a shipment order and have the shipment information & the item stock automatically updated to the marketplace.

To know more marketplace integrations, click here

Multi-warehouse operations

If you’ve enabled multi-warehouse management for your organization, you’ll have additional capabilities with Sales Orders. To know more, click here.