Zoho Inventory

Transfer Orders

A Transfer Order is a document that keeps record of all the inventory transfers performed from one warehouse to another, thereby greatly reducing the hassle of manually updating the stock levels.

New Transfer Order

Note: You must have at least two warehouses in Zoho Inventory to be able to transfer stock.

To create a transfer order:

New Transfer Order 2

Pro Tip: Instead of searching for the items from the list, you can add an item to the transaction by scanning its barcode. When you scan the same barcode more than once, the quantity gets incremented automatically.

Selecting multiple items

Fields in the Transfer Order:
Field Description
Transfer Order# This is the unique identification number for the Transfer Order. This is a mandatory field and cannot be left blank.
Date The date of stock transfer.
Reason The reason why the stock is being transferred can be entered here.
Source Warehouse The warehouse from where the stock is being transferred.
Destination Warehouse The warehouse to which the stock is being transferred.
Quantity The amount of stock to be transferred.
Source Stock The current stock in the Source Warehouse.
Destination Stock The current stock in the Destination Warehouse.

The list of all transfer orders done and their details can be found in the Transfer Orders section.

Transfer Order After Update

Transfer Serial Items

To transfer serialized items:

Transferring items with serial numbers 1

Transferring items with serial numbers 2

The serial numbers of the transferred units will be listed below.

Received serial items

Transfer Batch Items

To transfer batch items:

Transferring batch tracked items 1 Transferring batch tracked items 2

The batch numbers of the transferred units will be listed below.

Transferred batch items

Approve Transfer Orders

When your warehouse is busy with stock being moved in and out several times a day, it is possible to lose track and issue a transfer order with the incorrect details. This in turn will affect the fulfilment process. To prevent such mishap, you can set up an approval workflow to get the transfer orders verified and approved by the warehouse managers before they’re issued.

To set up approval for transfer orders:

  1. Go to Settings, Preferences, then Approvals.

  2. Under the Inventory Approval tab click Enable Inventory Approval.

    Enable Inventory Approval
  3. Choose the All approvers can approve option under preferences. Learn how you can add approvers.

  4. Set the notification preferences and click Save.

Henceforth, transfer orders will be run by the approvers before initiating a transfer.

How it works:

  1. The user will create a transfer order and click on Save and Submit.

  2. The approver will view the transfers that are pending for approval and if they’re satisfied with it, they’ll click on Approve and Initiate Transfer.

    Approve transfer order
  3. If approved, the user can complete the transfer by clicking Mark as Transferred. Otherwise, the user can amend the order or submit a new transfer order with all the suggested corrections.

Track Inventory Transfers

Businesses with multiple warehouses often transfer goods from one warehouse to another when they are in immediate need of supplies. Hence, it is essential for the warehouse managers to know exactly when they will receive the goods from the source warehouse to effectively manage sales and order fulfillment.

By integrating with AfterShip, you can receive real-time updates on the whereabouts of your stock.


  • You need to be integrated with AfterShip.
  • You cannot track transfer orders for which you have already received the goods.
  • You can track an inventory transfer only if you have the tracking number of the shipped goods.

To activate tracking on your transfer order:

Track Stock Transfer button on the transfer order

Send transfer order status notification 1

Send transfer order status notification 2

To view your transfer status:

A slider tab populating real time transfer status

Important Note: Even when the stock is delivered, you will have to manually record a receive on the transfer order as of now.

Receive a Transfer

To receive items in a transfer order which is in transit:

Transfer Order Receive step 1

To print a transfer order:

Transfer Order Print

Delete a Transfer Order

To delete a transfer order:

Delete Transfer Order

Filter Transfer Orders

You can apply filters to transfer orders to refine your results. Here, you can view the successful transfers by applying the ‘Transferred’ filter and the transfers that are still in progress with the ‘In Transit’ filter.

Filtering Transfer Orders by status

Import Transfer Orders

To import transfer orders:

Import Transfer Order 1

Import Transfer Order 2

Insight: To track your inventory transfers, you must integrate your Zoho Inventory organization with AfterShip. Learn how inventory tracking works here.

Import Transfer Order Tracking Details

Export Transfer Orders

To export transfer orders:

Export Transfer Order