Zoho Inventory

Functions in the Customer Portal

Let’s take a look at the various actions your customers can perform in each module.


Home is the first screen that your customers will see when they log in to the customer portal. It gives them an overview of the transactions that took place between you and your customers. They can view the following details on the dashboard:

Title Description
Outstanding Invoices The total amount your customer owes you for their unpaid invoices. Customers can click Pay Now to pay this entire amount.
Available Credits The total amount that you owe to your customer. This could be any refunds or credit notes that you had created for your customer.
Outstanding Retainer Invoices The total amount your customer owes you for their retainer invoices.
Available Retainer Payments The total retainer amount available that you can refund or apply to their invoices.
Last Payment Made The amount and date of the recent payment made by your customer.
Order Status The statuses of all your sales orders will be shown here.
My Details This section will display your customer’s details and their saved cards.
Shared Documents This section will display any documents you’ve shared with your customer or vice-versa.

Apart from the above details, the home page also displays your customer’s account details, their contact persons, and your organization’s contact details.


Sales Orders

Prerequisite: To let your customers view sales orders in the customer portal, you have to enable this option in the customer portal preferences.

If you have created a sales order for your customer to confirm the items and price of a sale, they can view it in the portal under Sales Orders. To view a particular sales order’s details, they can click on the sales order number. Along with the order’s details, customers can also view the details of the invoice associated with a fulfilled sales order.

Sales order module

Insight: You will receive a notification in your Zoho Inventory organization when your customer views a sales order for the first time in the customer portal.


Prerequisite: Your customers can make an online payment for an invoice only if you have associated a payment gateway for that invoice. Zoho Inventory can be integrated with multiple online payment gateways*

Your customers can view the list of all their invoices and retainer invoices in the Invoices section of the customer portal. They can click on an invoice to view its details. If the invoice is unpaid, they can choose to pay for it instantly by clicking Pay Now. Customers can also choose to apply filters to display a particular type of invoice, or sort the invoices by clicking the drop-down above the list.

Invoices module

Insight: You will receive a notification in your Zoho Inventory organisation when your customer views an invoice for the first time in the customer portal.

When your customer clicks Pay Now for an invoice, the payment page will open up. If you have enabled partial payments for that invoice (in the invoice creation screen), then your customer can enter the amount they wish to pay now. Otherwise, they will have to pay the full invoice amount.


Customers can make payments by choosing their preferred mode of payment (The payment methods available depends upon the configured payment gateway). You can provide various payment gateway options to your customer while creating an invoice for them.

Card Payments

For making payments using Credit/Debit card, customers can enter their card number, CVV, expiry date, billing address, and the country to make payments. They can also save the cards and use them for future payments.

ACH Payments

To let your customers make ACH payments, you need to enable Allow this customer to pay via their bank account option for them under the Other Details section in the customer creation screen. Customers can choose to save their bank account details for future transactions by checking the Use this account for future transactions option.

ACH Payment

Payments Made

In the Payments Made section, your customers can track all the payments they have made towards your business. This includes both the online payments and the offline payments you’ve recorded for them in Zoho Inventory. Customers can filter the list to view only invoice payments and also sort the payments by Date or Amount.

Payments made

They can click on a particular payment to view its payment receipt, and also check the details of the invoice or retainer invoice for which this payment was made. Your customers can click the Download PDF or Print button to keep a copy of the receipt.

Statement of Accounts

A statement of accounts is a document that lists out all the transactions that took place between you and your customer over a particular period of time. This statement lets your customer know the total amount they owe you for the sales that took place during that period.

Customers can generate this statement in the customer portal to view their outstanding balance. Here’s how:


Share Documents

Invoices and Sales Orders in the customer portal can be printed, downloaded as PDFs, and forwarded to other contacts by your customers using the options provided.

More actions

Note: :Once your customer forwards a transaction to a contact, that contact will be added as a contact person for that customer in your Zoho Inventory organisation.