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Zoho Inventory - Zoho Commerce Integration

Do you wish to sell your products online but not sure where to start? Zoho Commerce is an in-house site builder, that on integrating with Zoho Inventory, creates a ready-to-host sleek online store for your inventory items with almost little or no effort. 

Scenario: Jason is using Zoho Inventory to manage his offline business. He looks to expand his reach by selling online. To do so, he integrates his Zoho Inventory organization with Zoho Commerce. In a few simple steps, he gets his online store up and running. He can now pin the best-selling products on his store front, highlight new launches, and receive orders from his store.

Zoho Commerce Store
Benefits of Zoho Commerce

Integrate with Zoho Commerce

To connect Zoho Inventory with Zoho Commerce:

  1. Log into to your Zoho Inventory organization.
  2. Go to Settings, Integrations, then Zoho Commerce.
  3. Click Access Now. This will redirect you to the Zoho Commerce website.

    Zoho Commerce Access Now
  4. Click Access Zoho Commerce.

  5. Click Create New Store.

  6. Choose the Zoho Inventory organization from which you’ve initiated the integration to connect with Zoho Commerce.

    Choose inventory organization

The following modules will get synced:

Zoho Commerce Store

After the integration is complete, all your orders and items will be updated between Zoho Commerce and Zoho Inventory.

Insight: You must confirm a sales order in Zoho Commerce manually for it to be available in Zoho Inventory.

Display Items in Storefront

To display the inventory items in your Zoho Commerce storefront:

  1. Go to Items or Composite Items module in the sidebar.
  2. Click on an item or composite item to view its details.
  3. Click the pencil icon at the top to open the edit page.
  4. Turn on the Show in Store option at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Save.

Learn more about setting up your store, adding products and managing your orders in your Zoho Commerce store.