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Purchase Receives

A purchase receive or simply Receive in Zoho Inventory is a document you create to record a delivery of items made by a vendor to your warehouse. This is your way of recording the items and delivery notes you have received from your vendors for the purchases made by you.

Purpose of a Purchase Receive

Creating purchase receives has the following advantages and uses.

Creating a Purchase Receive

To create a purchase receive:

Purchase receive creation buttons

New purchase receive page

Purchase Order status after creating a purchase receive for all the goods:

Receive All

A Purchase Receive:

Purchase Receive

Important Note:

Purchase receives can only be created from a purchase order.

Converting a Purchase Receive into a bill

To convert a receive into a bill:

Receive to bill

Creating Purchase Receives for existing Bills

Zoho Inventory provides you the option to create purchase receives even for billed purchase orders and to associate these receives with the existing bills. To do so:

Purchase receive creation buttons

Unbilled items option

Billed items option

Receives section in the PO

Purchase Receive details window

Exporting Purchase Receives

To export your purchase receives,

Export Purchase Receives