Zoho Inventory

Payments Made

Any payment that you’ve made to your vendors can be recorded and applied across your various outstanding bills. You can also view the payments that were already recorded for the bills.

View Payments Made

If you have already recorded payments for your vendors, you can view them in the Payments Made module. Here’s how:

View payments made

Record Payments Made

While recording a new payment made to your vendor, you can choose to split the paid amount among your outstanding bills either in full or in part.

Scenario: Patricia makes a payment of $500 to her vendor for two outstanding bills whose values are $350 and $150, respectively. Patricia can split the payment of $500 into $350 for the first bill (full amount) and $150 for the second bill.

In the Record Payment page:

Record payments made 1 Record payments made 2

Edit Payment

You can edit the details of any payment received. Here’s how:

Edit payment received

Delete Payment

Delete payment received

Import Payments Made

If you already have a list of all the payments made to your vendors, you can import them into Zoho Inventory in CSV, TSV or XLS format.

To know the format of the import, i.e. the columns and data to be included in the import file, you can download the sample import file which we’ll be looking at in the steps below.

Import payments made 1 Import payments made 2 Import payments made 3