Zoho Inventory

Users & Roles

Bring in your workforce, delegate tasks, analyze and ensure that your objectives are met. Zoho Inventory being an online application, allows multiple users to access it from any location.

You as the admin, can do the following operations with Users.

Predefined User Roles

Users can access the modules based on their role. The following predefined roles are currently available:

As for other roles, you can create your own user roles by defining access levels & permissions within Zoho Inventory.

Creating custom User Roles

To create a custom user role,

Roles tab

role top

role mid

role bottom

Adding Users

To add new users:

Users & roles page

Image of inviting user popup and the button

Sample of user invite mail

Joining notification

Additonal Note: Once you have setup your organization and invited your employees/team members as users, you can now start migrating your existing data from your old system into Zoho Inventory. To know more, click here.

Editing Users

To make changes to an existing user,

Users & roles page

Edit user window

Deleting Users

To delete a user:

Users & roles page

Delete user pop up

Please Note:

Deactivating & Reactivating Users

In circumstances where you don’t want to permanently delete an user but would like to prevent or restrict the user from accessing Zoho Inventory, you can deactivate the user’s status by marking the user as inactive. You can also reactivate inactive users if you want them to use Zoho Inventory again.

To deactivate a user,

Users & roles page