Zoho Inventory


The Settings page is where you customize Zoho Inventory to match your business requirements. Here, you can add more information or update the existing information of your organization. To access Settings, click the Gear icon icon on the top-right corner of the app.

Organization Profile

Maintain the information related to your organization in Zoho Inventory.


In Zoho Inventory, you can create warehouses to represent the physical storage locations where you keep stock. While creating orders, you can choose the warehouse from/to which you want to dispatch (sales) or receive (purchase) stock. You can also issue transfer orders to transfer inventory transfers.

Users & Roles

Add users to your organization, assign different roles and collaborate with them in Zoho Inventory.


Have your organization tailor-made to your needs by configuring the preferences for each module.


Manage several currencies in Zoho Inventory to transact with global customers & vendors.


Manage the taxes applicable for your business in Zoho Inventory. The tax options would differ for the country-specific editions of Zoho Inventory.


Customize your transaction documents using our variety of templates to leave behind a really good impression.


Create email templates to suit the tone of your messages to different situations and target audiences.


Create a workflow that automatically triggers a function upon fulfilling certain criteria. For example, alerting the admin when a purchase order value is more than $10000.

Online Payments

Integrate with some of the major payment gateways to receive payments for your invoices online. This ensures faster, secure and hassle-free receipt of payments and further automates your cash flow.

Web Tabs

Access web pages of third-party sites within Zoho Inventory at anytime without having to switch tabs on your browser.


Connecting Zoho Inventory with a plethora of in-house and third-party services to fuel your business process. From bookkeeping to shipment tracking, we’ve got you covered.

Subscription Plans

We have curated plans for businesses of all sizes. Choose the plan that’s right for you without worrying about making a dent in your company’s expenses.