Zoho Inventory

Web Tabs

Web Tabs are similar to browser tabs that allow you to embed the URL obtained from other applications and open its web pages within Zoho Inventory. Depending on the website, you can find the embed or publish URL and create web tabs within Zoho Inventory. Also, you can control who sees the web tabs in your organization.

Web tabs can be used in many ways depending on your business needs. Let’s say you have multiple organizations in Zoho Inventory and have set up custom reports in Zoho Analytics to analyze data across all these organizations. You can copy the Publish URL of the custom report and create a web tab to access the report within Zoho Inventory.

Note: This feature is available only for selective pricing plans.


  • If the web pages use ‘http,’ they won’t open in web tabs.
  • Some of the web pages or applications cannot be opened using web tabs as they are prevented from opening in other applications. This is to prevent clickjacking attacks.
  • The web tabs you create will neither be linked to any other module of Zoho Inventory nor affect their data.

Create Web Tab

To create a new web tab:

Create Web Tab

Access Web Tab

After creating the web tabs, you can access them from the sidebar of Zoho Inventory.

Access Web Tabs

Based on the access preferences you’ve set, users with permission will be able to view the web tab when they use Zoho Inventory.

Edit Web Tab

You can edit a web tab if you want to change its name or load a different URL. Here’s how:

Edit option for Web Tabs Web Tab Edit page

Delete Web Tab

If you don’t want to access a web tab anymore, you can delete it. Here’s how:

Delete Web Tab