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Additional tools that aid sales

Let’s take a look at what else can be done to enhance and empower your sales.


Exporting Sales Orders

To export your sales orders, follow the following steps:

image of the menu drop down highlighting export SO option

Export Sales Orders page

Attaching Files to Sales Orders

You can attach documents associated with the sale like a coupon, a quote or any file that is a part of that deal.

To attach a file to a sales order:

image of the more button drop down highlighting the attach files option

image of drag and drop pop up

Editing a Sales Order

edit option in a sales order

Cloning a Sales Order

clone option in a sales order

Printing a Sales Order

print option in a sales order

Saving a Sales Order as a PDF document

pdf option in a sales order

Mailing a Sales Order

Apart from the ability to send out a sales order immediately upon creation, you can also mail a sales order later to a customer or a contact. To do so:

mail option in a sales order

Mailing a sales order

Deleting a Sales Order

clone option in a sales order

Cancelling items in a Sales Order

Let us consider a scenario where some of the items in a sales order have already been packed and shipped. But in the last minute your customer decides to cancel the rest. In situations like these, you can selectively cancel items and its quantity. To do so:

Prerequisite: Your sales order must have some items that are not yet packed or invoiced.

Partially fulfilled SO

Item cancel option in SO

Item cancel quantity


Re-opening cancelled items in a Sales Order

To re-open the cancelled items in a sales order, follow the steps below:

Item reopen option in SO

Bulk cancel items in Sales Orders

In order to bulk cancel items in sales orders, follow the steps below:

Prerequisite: The sales orders must be in Confirmed status and should have some items that are not yet packed or invoiced.

Bulk Item Cancel option in SO

Note: You cannot edit the line items and its quantity while bulk cancelling items from sales orders. In order to do so, you need to open the specific sales order and then proceed with the cancellation.

Voiding a Sales Order

To Void a sales order, follow these steps:

image of voiding an SO

Note: A sales order that has been invoiced or paid(incase of marketplace orders) cannot be voided.

Creating Custom Views

Custom views are specific views to list your Sales Orders, based on your criteria. For example, out of all your Sales Orders in Zoho Inventory, you might want to view those sales orders which are supposed to be shipped today.

With Custom Views, you can simply create this filter, set criteria and use it to classify data.

Custom view of sales orders

To create a Custom View:

Creating a Custom Status

Sometimes you might want to mark some Sales Orders with a specific status, apart from the default ones present in Zoho Inventory. For example, you might have multiple Sales Orders that require backordering, but you may wish to backorder them later, instead of doing it right away. In such cases, it would be extremely convenient to assign a custom status to all those confirmed Sales Orders that require backordering. The custom status option would help you out with this.

To create a Custom Status,

Now, go to any Sales Order with the status specified in the Custom Status For field. Click on the More button and you’ll have the option to mark the Sales Order with your custom status.

Custom status for sales orders


How to filter them out?

You can create Custom Views for the custom statuses that you create, and you can them filter them out accordingly. When you create a custom view, select the Order Sub-Status as the criteria for the view.

Substatus as criteria